Explore == Explaw

Yeah, I did that.

In 2016, my goal was to get on the train and leave my hometown 2-3 times, I got over my travel anxieties and left Sheffield more than twice! I even got on a plane. 😲

Since overcoming my travel anxieties, I’ve done a lot of travelling in Europe with my best friend Hamdah (#pawdahtravelz) and even the US with Matt.

I’m excited to see and explaw the world more, here you’ll find all my travel posts!


First Adventures Abroad 🚀

October 20th 2017

Matt is taking over the blog this week to share his first ever solo-adventure!

Fun in Fuerteventura

August 27th 2017

Let me take you to Canaries ☀️🏝

Biting the big 🍎

July 15th 2017

The final days in NYC with Matt. Views, on views, on views! 😍