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📅 January 1st 2016 //

A Lifetime of Adventures

The new year is upon us! Happy New Year to all my new and old readers, I hope you’ve all stuffed yourself with food and had lots of fun over the holiday season. Unlike most years, I didn’t stay up to midnight like I usually do and that’s because of the lack of sleep the… Continue reading A Lifetime of Adventures

📅 February 4th 2016 //

Wardrobe update must-haves

< STYLE > It’s been a very long two months of hardcore revision, exam stress and breakdowns but today finally marks the end of my first semester exams! I went to celebrate with an Asian-style buffet and will reward myself later with sleeping in tomorrow until 9 pm. Ah, the three days of freedom (until semester… Continue reading Wardrobe update must-haves

📅 February 14th 2016 //

What’s your superpower?

In my last post, I introduced a monthly blog post – < STYLE > – I will be trying to do in order to blog more frequently, today I’ll be introducing another one I’ve named: “myoSINcerely, P.” For those who don’t understand the name, let me explain! Myosin is a protein in muscles that allow… Continue reading What’s your superpower?

📅 March 15th 2016 //

Languages: Code

Most people already know this but I love project work. There’s something about having a team with differing specialties, all with great ideas, managing everyone to their ability and working together towards a set target that really makes me have an optimistic mindset for team-based work. So, my first project for this semester was focusing… Continue reading Languages: Code

📅 March 20th 2016 //

If you want to talk to someone, don’t talk to me.

“myoSINcerely” is part of a science-led series where I talk about cool science stuff and relate it to situations or experiences I’ve been in. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t before, I know writing posts for this series always teaches me cool things! 😉 “Y’know I have a torn rotator cuff, a hairline fracture in… Continue reading If you want to talk to someone, don’t talk to me.

📅 March 25th 2016 //

The One with The Movie

“If ever I’m in a scene where I have to cry, I cut a hole in my pocket, take a pair of tweezers and just start pulling.” – Joey Tribbiani ** (The One With The Race Car Bed) Back in 2013, filming of the movie “X+Y” was happening in my hometown. At my school’s common room were… Continue reading The One with The Movie

📅 April 4th 2016 //

My time as a Creative Diva

If you follow me on my social media profiles, you probably know that over the past week, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with the leading creative marketing business – Diva Creative. Known for the innovative creations that help drive social change, they thrive to make a difference to lives and communities in the most… Continue reading My time as a Creative Diva

📅 April 8th 2016 //

The walk down South Bank

I’ve had the busiest week ever. And I loved it. This week I managed to complete one of my year goals of leaving my city to visit at least 2 other places in England. As you may know, I decided to stay in my city of 8 years for university so unlike others, I didn’t… Continue reading The walk down South Bank

📅 April 18th 2016 //

From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

My second day in London involved eating the best sushi I’ve ever had, admiring London even more from a skyscraper and covering the final places I had on my list. You can read about my first day in London here. Table of Contents A morning in ArchwayWhere are we?“Watch this grown man stand on me… Continue reading From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

📅 May 21st 2016 //

I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, it has just been over a month since my last one but, I have an excuse which all student bloggers will all feel me on: it’s exam session. How am I? Still alive but I’m barely breathing. I finish my second year of university 4 weeks – a part… Continue reading I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

📅 June 8th 2016 //

2 out of 3

Yesterday I sat my last exam in Anatomy and then just like that – my second year of university was over. My summer exams turned out easier than I thought, don’t get me wrong though, I still found it difficult but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Fingers crossed with the results in exactly a… Continue reading 2 out of 3

📅 June 14th 2016 //

Weekly overview:
Where has summer gone?

Following my previous blog, I’ve been trying to keep myself as busy as possible and away from indoors, my room and laptop. I have to say this was a success because since then I’ve been working, hanging out with friends and finding more beautiful places in my city. A few days ago, I planned to… Continue reading Weekly overview:
Where has summer gone?

📅 June 21st 2016 //

A Day in the Life: June 2016

Today I’m participating in Georgie’s monthly link-up “A Day in My Life” – be sure to join, I’m always curious about how other people spend their day! I haven’t been up to much; I spent most of it resting, getting through my to-watch list (today I watched Monster’s University, yes I’m very late but 100%… Continue reading A Day in the Life: June 2016

📅 June 24th 2016 //

Turning 20

Today I turn 20. Well… to be more precise I turn 20 at 11:15 pm tonight which actually means my birthday is only 45 minutes on the 24th of June every year. I don’t feel any different. When I was younger I used to think that going into 20, I’d have my whole life together and… Continue reading Turning 20

📅 June 28th 2016 //

☁️ Practicing Mindfulness

During university, it was often quite easy for me to lose track of myself, because of the continuous heavy University and/or work-related tasks that I needed to complete to for a certain deadline. My second year at university really overwhelmed me, to say the least. I found myself juggling so many tasks to the point of mental and physical exhaustion all… Continue reading ☁️ Practicing Mindfulness

📅 July 4th 2016 //

Increasing my productivity with Bullet Journals

The majority of us use Google Keep, notes, to-do list apps on our phones to help us keep productive. Why? Because it’s obviously so much easier to type things on our phones, tablets and laptops/computers. I’ve been using Google Keep and Calendars to keep track of everything in my life from shopping lists, events, to-do… Continue reading Increasing my productivity with Bullet Journals

📅 July 7th 2016 //

An unexpected trip

Tweeting on Monday, “This week is the week” I hadn’t realised that it was going to turn upside down real fast. Travel-wise, anyway. It all started on Tuesday, I was planning to meet a friend and wanted to take some pictures for the day, so I went to get my camera where I usually put in a drawer… Continue reading An unexpected trip

📅 July 12th 2016 //

Life Updated: Almost There

I just keep my head down, run hard and am always surprised when I look up and see where I am. – Grant In my (only) post back in January, I outlined some of the goals I wanted to achieve for the year. I used the new year to push myself to tick off as many goals as I could.… Continue reading Life Updated: Almost There

📅 July 28th 2016 //

Experiencing España

Hola! If you follow me on any of my social media profiles, you’ll know that I’ve been on a week trip to Spain. I’m (sadly) back in England now, with an uneven tan and beach blues. Although my dad is Spanish, I’ve not had many Spanish influences in my culture growing up so it was interesting… Continue reading Experiencing España

📅 August 7th 2016 //

Vestirse in España

My holiday blues have yet to disappear but looking at photos of it has helped make the transition to grey weather better. Prior to going on holiday, I spent a reasonable amount of time shopping for holiday clothes. Since my wardrobe consists mainly of Autumn/Winter clothes (because let’s face it, UK weather will never get better)… Continue reading Vestirse in España

📅 August 19th 2016 //

Checkpoint #1: START

So August has started off very exciting and very busy – just how I like it! There have been a number of big changes in my life since I last blogged ranging from personal changes to more exciting and positive opportunities – today I’ll be sharing an adventure I have just begun: starting my placement and becoming an… Continue reading Checkpoint #1: START

📅 August 29th 2016 //

a long weekend

For the first time in two years, I managed to have a bank holiday weekend off, which means no work, no deadlines, no nothing and let me tell you, it’s so refreshing! A lot has happened over the past 3 days but I’m going to highlight the 3 main things; I tried to utilize as… Continue reading a long weekend

📅 September 4th 2016 //

August, For Me

This is the first time I’ll be writing a round-up post, I usually jump into the next month without reflecting on what I did the month before but I wanted to change that for August.

📅 September 10th 2016 //

Pauline’s Pavourites: Apps

How great is tech right now? I’m so happy to be living in a time where apps can help make things in everyday life much easier. I was reminded how great technology is from my busy week interning. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an innovative conference, generate very forward ideas with other… Continue reading Pauline’s Pavourites: Apps

📅 September 24th 2016 //

Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham

This post is a little late because it has been crazy since September started. Work has been getting much busier due to the start of a new exciting term at University. If I hadn’t taken a year out for my placement, I would be in my final year. Seeing all the new students over the… Continue reading Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham

📅 October 2nd 2016 //

September, For Me

Writing up my second-round up post feels unreal, I can’t believe how quick September went by! September always tends to be quite fast-paced for me as a student and now, a member of staff at University because on both sides of the spectrum it’s always busy with preparation for the new term. Despite being busy… Continue reading September, For Me

📅 October 8th 2016 //

Timeless Thoughts: my grey console

Timeless Thoughts is a monthly link up hosted by Georgie and Tara, where bloggers write about something from their past – it could be an item, a place, an event – anything that evokes a trip down memory lane. Timeless Thoughts is held on the first Saturday of the month, and runs for two weeks.… Continue reading Timeless Thoughts: my grey console

📅 October 16th 2016 //

Checkpoint #2:
Presentations & Projects

As always, my week as an intern at the University has flown by! I’ve been especially busy last week mainly because of various networking events I was invited to, lecture briefings I had to assist with delivering and initiating action on projects I’m leading. I’m still in disbelief that I’ve been on placement for 8 weeks… Continue reading Checkpoint #2:
Presentations & Projects

📅 October 22nd 2016 //

Incorporating fitness into my life

As many of you probably know from following me on my various social media accounts and from previous blog posts, lately I’ve been obsessed with fitness. Some friends have joked that I’ve hit a phase that will go away soon, but I like to think of this to be more of a lifestyle change which… Continue reading Incorporating fitness into my life

📅 November 5th 2016 //

October, For Me

October was the month where I saw a lot of progress in my fitness journey, became busier at work and connected with some great people professionally and outside of work. It’s also gotten colder, as many of you have probably seen from my many tweets about the weather – I can’t help it; it won’t be very… Continue reading October, For Me

📅 November 13th 2016 //

Remember the 5th of November

I usually don’t do anything for Bonfire Night. I never have really. The last time I really hyped up about Bonfire Night was when I was in primary school and we sang songs, read history and poems about the fireworks. At my old house, we lived up a hill (one of the many hills in Sheffield)… Continue reading Remember the 5th of November

📅 November 20th 2016 //


I haven’t been able to blog for the last week (or two now?) because my Macbook decided to die on me. Honestly, I was shocked more than upset when it wouldn’t switch on despite having full battery and having the cable in because compared to my previous laptop (a Toshiba) my Macbook was amazing –… Continue reading Whirlwind

📅 November 27th 2016 //

Sharing to Inspire

The past week has been pretty busy as usual despite my two days off, I had a lot of social commitments and although they were very fun, it’s always great getting back to my room and catching up with my personal tasks and goals. On Tuesday I spent my evening with the weekly Code First:Girls… Continue reading Sharing to Inspire

📅 December 2nd 2016 //

November, For Me

Hello, December! I can’t believe it’s already the final month of 2016. This year has been an aggressive roller coaster ride, but despite the difficulties I’ve faced, I’m determined to finish the year with the biggest smile on my face and a positive reflection of what I’ve achieved this year! Let’s take a quick look… Continue reading November, For Me

📅 December 11th 2016 //

April Showers

*Title reference to one of my favourite electro swing songs right now. Does anyone else feel incredibly happy when a certain genre pops up? For me, electro swing is one of those genres! Some of my all time favourite electro swing songs include Dramophone – Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang. Have a… Continue reading April Showers

📅 December 18th 2016 //

Fixer Upper

With only one week of work left, I’m feeling pretty Christmasy! Seeing most of my friends travelling back home is a little strange to me. Usually, by this time I would’ve finished my last lecture, planned out my revision for the intense January exam period and gone to my retail job to help out with… Continue reading Fixer Upper

📅 December 22nd 2016 //

5 things I have learnt in 2016

With 2016 quickly coming to an end, I wanted to share five life lessons I learnt in 2016. Table of Contents 1. My free time is worth a lot more than a purposeless feed2. Self-worth3. Rejection is growth4. Unconditional love is the best love there is5. Strive for Progress, Not Perfection 1. My free time… Continue reading 5 things I have learnt in 2016

📅 December 27th 2016 //

December, For Me

The last month of the year is already coming to it’s end – how weird. I say this every year but it’s just crazy how life passes by so quickly – which is why we should always strive to do things that make us happy and be with people who make us happy!