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πŸ“… April 4th 2016 //

My time as a Creative Diva

If you follow me on my social media profiles, you probably know that over the past week, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with the leading creative marketing business – Diva Creative. Known for the innovative creations that help drive social change, they thrive to make a difference to lives and communities in the most… Continue reading My time as a Creative Diva

πŸ“… April 8th 2016 //

The walk down South Bank

I’ve had the busiest week ever. And I loved it. This week I managed to complete one of my year goals of leaving my city to visit at least 2 other places in England. As you may know, I decided to stay in my city of 8 years for university so unlike others, I didn’t… Continue reading The walk down South Bank

πŸ“… April 18th 2016 //

From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

My second day in London involved eating the best sushi I’ve ever had, admiring London even more from a skyscraper and covering the final places I had on my list. You can read about my first day in London here. Table of Contents A morning in ArchwayWhere are we?“Watch this grown man stand on me… Continue reading From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m