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πŸ“… September 4th 2016 //

August, For Me

This is the first time I’ll be writing a round-up post, I usually jump into the next month without reflecting on what I did the month before but I wanted to change that for August.

πŸ“… September 10th 2016 //

Pauline’s Pavourites: Apps

How great is tech right now? I’m so happy to be living in a time where apps can help make things in everyday life much easier. I was reminded how great technology is from my busy week interning. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an innovative conference, generate very forward ideas with other… Continue reading Pauline’s Pavourites: Apps

πŸ“… September 24th 2016 //

Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham

This post is a little late because it has been crazy since September started. Work has been getting much busier due to the start of a new exciting term at University. If I hadn’t taken a year out for my placement, I would be in my final year. Seeing all the new students over the… Continue reading Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham