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πŸ“… January 1st 2018 //


Can you picture where you’ll be in a year? Imagine 2018.

πŸ“… January 10th 2018 //

Tea + Cake with Tahira

Featuring Tahira Resalat this month for the launch πŸš€ of “Inspiring Figures” – a column of people you should know about.

πŸ“… January 17th 2018 //

Starting a Blog

My take on the how’s and why’s on starting a blog ✏️

πŸ“… January 24th 2018 //

Cultivating Confidence

Sharing some stories on self-confidence 🌼

πŸ“… January 31st 2018 //

January, For Me

A look back at the first 31 days of the year! ⚑️