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📅 November 9th 2018 //

A Year Of Public Speaking

Reflecting on my ✨achievement unlocked: can speak in public without breaking down ✨ Sharing some advice from a year of speaking.

📅 November 15th 2018 //


A personal post about life recently and how looking on the bright side is healing. ❤️

📅 November 19th 2018 //

Be Fit Mentally w/ Aimee

This month’s “Inspiring Figures” – the column of people you should know about – features the incredible Aimee Browes, founder of the Happiness Bootcamp and Personal Trainer.

📅 November 25th 2018 //

Building an online presence

On Saturday, I gave a workshop on how to up your online presence to secure opportunities at the Northern Power Futures event in Manchester. This is what I covered ✨

📅 November 30th 2018 //

November, For Me

November has been a tough one. But taught me a hell lot of things 🙌🏼