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📅 April 6th 2019 //

My take on job hunting

It’s the season for job hunting! Today I’m sharing my thoughts, experience and advice on preparing for the next stage after university. 📝

📅 April 13th 2019 //

The thing about social media

This is a piece about social media and our relationship with our phones. Written by someone who is addicted.

📅 April 20th 2019 //

36 🌍 7 continents w/ Shehla

This month’s “Inspiring Figures” – the column of people you should know about – features Shehla, Freelance Social Media, Consultant & Photographer.

📅 April 24th 2019 //

Buda – Pest

Kicking off our interrailing adventure with the beautiful city of Budapest. 🇭🇺

📅 April 29th 2019 //

April, For Me

Another month gone, which means it’s #MonthForPaw time. I share this month’s highlights, favourites, pawsitivity and more!