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📅 April 3rd 2020 //

Vaultskin – my dream phone case?

I recently upgraded my phone case from a “home-made” phone/wallet to Vaultskin’s ETON ARMOUR wallet case. Here are some of my thoughts!

📅 April 10th 2020 //

Thoughts to Pixels: the impact of blogging

Blogging has boomed in popularity over the past couple of years with thousands of different bloggers converting their thoughts into pixels. Sharing the talk I did at WiTNotts this month.

📅 April 17th 2020 //

Our home office set-up

As we’re all working remotely now, we decided to invest in making a small home office work in our tiny flat. 🏡

📅 April 24th 2020 //

☁️ Talking Cloud with Hiro

This month’s “Inspiring Figures” – the column of people you should know about – features Hiro Nishimura, Technical Writer, Consultant and Instructor, focusing on deconstructing AWS.

📅 April 29th 2020 //

April, For Me

Another month gone, which means it’s #MonthForPaw time. I share this month’s highlights, favourites, pawsitivity and more!