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📅 May 8th 2020 //

🏋🏻‍♀️ Working out at home

I miss the gym. But working out at home has been fun too! ✨ Here’s a quick post about exercising in my small flat.

📅 May 15th 2020 //

Aspiring Leadership w/ Rachel

This month’s “Inspiring Figures” – the column of people you should know about – features Rachel Skelton, Junior Software Engineer, Leader and Leeds Frontend Organiser.

📅 May 22nd 2020 //

How are you? 💜

A check-in post amist the global pandemic.

📅 May 30th 2020 //

May, For Me

Another month gone, which means it’s #MonthForPaw time. I share this month’s highlights, favourites, pawsitivity and more!