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πŸ“… July 2nd 2021 //

As of today, I’m building communities full-time.

πŸŽ‰ Some BIG news! I’ll be joining Gitpod as a Senior Community Engineer to pioneer and lead community engagement and development.

πŸ“… July 7th 2021 //

πŸŽ™ Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Joined by Pratiksha and Sonia we talk about the dreaded Imposter Syndrome, why we experience it and how we deal with it.

πŸ“… July 20th 2021 //

What I learned from working remotely

No more office life! I’ve recently gone fully remote. Today I’m sharing some of my lessons from remote working life. 🌎

πŸ“… July 30th 2021 //

July, For Me

Another month gone, which means it’s #MonthForPaw time. I share this month’s highlights, favourites, pawsitivity and more!