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šŸ“… June 21st 2021 //

šŸŽ™ Building the ‘Pawlean’ brand

Another podcast episode with Clark Narvas where we’ll be talking about building the Pawlean brand. šŸ’œ

šŸ“… March 22nd 2021 //

Creating Content: What do I need?

Getting started with creating content with video/audio, unsure what you need? Here’s a post about what I use daily to create my content.

šŸ“… February 19th 2021 //

My favourite tools that level up my content game

Creating content and social media posts look easy, but there’s always a lot of effort that goes on behind the scenes. These are the tools that help me out the most!

šŸ“… September 18th 2020 //

How I create my podcast

Launching your own podcast isn’t as scary or as complicated as you may think! This goes through the run down of my podcast creating process.

šŸ“… April 10th 2020 //

Thoughts to Pixels: the impact of blogging

Blogging has boomed in popularity over the past couple of years with thousands of different bloggers converting their thoughts into pixels. Sharing the talk I did at WiTNotts this month.

šŸ“… January 14th 2019 //

Learning to code

Sharing some of my favourite resources that has helped me on my coding journey so far šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»

šŸ“… January 7th 2019 //

Building up on LinkedIn

I’ll be sharing ways that I done to build my presence on LinkedIn to secure opportunities! šŸ’»

šŸ“… November 25th 2018 //

Building an online presence

On Saturday, I gave a workshop on how to up your online presence to secure opportunities at the Northern Power Futures event in Manchester. This is what I covered āœØ

šŸ“… January 17th 2018 //

Starting a Blog

My take on the how’s and why’s on starting a blog āœļø