I am always a big fan of looking back, I love seeing how much things have changed, how I’ve grown into (hopefully) a better person. I also share some “blast from the past” stories – some are quite funny.

Some of these posts may contain Tara’s and Georgie’s monthly link-up “Timeless Thoughts” where I also reflect on things I used to love!

Timeless Thoughts: Wooden Roses

February 12th 2017

Timeless Thoughts is a monthly linkup hosted by Georgie and Tara, where bloggers write about something from their past – it could be an item, a place, an event – anything that evokes a trip down memory lane. Timeless Thoughts is held on the first Saturday of the month and runs for two weeks. With […]

Timeless Thoughts: Rounders

January 7th 2017

Being sick wasn’t the way I wanted to start my New Year. I had to take a few days off work but thankfully, my flu has now almost completely gone! The good thing that came out of being sick was that I got talking to a few of old friends who I went to primary school with.

Remember the 5th of November

November 13th 2016

I usually don’t do anything for Bonfire Night. I never have really. The last time I really hyped up about Bonfire Night was when I was in primary school and we sang songs, read history and poems about the fireworks.Β At my old house, we lived up a hill (one of the many hills in Sheffield) […]