Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences was fun! These are a collection of blog posts highlighting science based research on my real-life experiences. In other words, science in real life. Most of the information is sourced and have mostly been found from primary research and my notes from my degree.
📅 March 20th 2016 //

If you want to talk to someone, don’t talk to me.

“myoSINcerely” is part of a science-led series where I talk about cool science stuff and relate it to situations or experiences I’ve been in. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t before, I know writing posts for this series always teaches me cool things! 😉 “Y’know I have a torn rotator cuff, a hairline fracture in […]

📅 February 14th 2016 //

What’s your superpower?

In my last post, I introduced a monthly blog post – < STYLE > – I will be trying to do in order to blog more frequently, today I’ll be introducing another one I’ve named: “myoSINcerely, P.” For those who don’t understand the name, let me explain! Myosin is a protein in muscles that allow […]