Hack-a-what?Β A hackathon is an event that brings people together from different backgrounds and use technology to transform ideas into reality. Still not sure what I’m talking about? I vlogged one hackathon I went to in Sheffield, you can watch it here!

All these posts include everything hackathon related from my experience in taking part in hackathons to organising one myself!

Local Hack Day 2017

December 9th 2017

Building a gifs advent calendar, learning CSS Grid, trying out vlogging all in 10 hours. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

On Public Speaking 🎀 #1

October 13th 2017

On Monday I delivered my first solo talk on community building. A step out of my comfort zone? Yep. Another achievement? Hell yeah.

What I took away from HackCon EU

September 27th 2017

Last weekend I attended my first hackathon-focused conference, HackCon EU. 🚩🌎