Learning Tech

I began my tech journey when I was 8 years old learning how to build a website. Since then, I've been keen to continue my learning journey as I navigate the tech industry. I still consider myself quite a newbie, but I hope that as I learn and document, it will help others with their own journey into tech! This process of blogging about what I've learnt also helps with solidifying concepts in my head.

How I passed my AWS SAA exam

December 9th 2020

Second time lucky πŸ€ A post on what I did to successfully pass my AWS SAA exam in 67 days. ☁️

Study Notes for #60DaysofCloud – Compute Concepts

November 11th 2020

A blog post updating on my 30 Days of Cloud journey, SAA-CO2 prep and some study notes I wrote up to help me revise.

Four simple ways to deploy your small website

October 12th 2020

Have a project you want to deploy? But overwhelmed by all the different options? Here are some of my favourites!

24 months in

September 9th 2020

I officially finished my graduate scheme at BT πŸ₯³ Here’s a reflection of the past 6 months of my final rotation and what is next!

My favourite tech tools

August 10th 2020

Working in tech I use quite a few tools for my day-to-day at work as well as personal projects. Here are my top 5!

☁️ How I use AWS S3 to host images on my blog

July 15th 2020

This month’s technical blog post will teach you how to use AWS S3 and Wordpress together to help improve your blog’s performance and flexibility.

Rebuilding PaulineNarvas.com with Next.js + Vercel

June 25th 2020

A post about my recent rebuild of PaulineNarvas.com using Next.js and Vercel for deployment. Here’s what I got up to! πŸš€

How I passed my AWS CCP exam

December 7th 2019

If I can do this, anyone can! 😁 Sharing what I did to successfully pass my CCP exam. ☁️

Learnings Lately: Technical Edition

October 26th 2019

Sharing some of my recent learnings, this edition is all about my learnings in technology.

Building Pawlean 2.0

August 6th 2019

Matt and I spent a month rebuilding Pawlean, here’s the how and the why behind it all. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»