Notes from the lab

Formerly known as "myoSINerely" - different posts talking about science based on my real-life experiences. The title refers to protein myosin mixed with "sincerely" as I used to like ending my posts like a letter. I always write it as simplified as I can to engage the wider population who aren't as science-savvy, encouraging them to follow up and read on further! Most of the information is sourced and have mostly been found from primary research and my Biomedical Sciences notes.

Challenges in Tech 💥
Cyber Women Interview Series

July 25th 2017

Today I talk about the challenges I have faced as a woman in STEM 💖

If you want to talk to someone, don’t talk to me.

March 20th 2016

“myoSINcerely” is part of a science-led series where I talk about cool science stuff and relate it to situations or experiences I’ve been in. Maybe you’ll learn something you didn’t before, I know writing posts for this series always teaches me cool things! 😉 “Y’know I have a torn rotator cuff, a hairline fracture in […]

What’s your superpower?

February 14th 2016

In my last post, I introduced a monthly blog post – < STYLE > – I will be trying to do in order to blog more frequently, today I’ll be introducing another one I’ve named: “myoSINcerely, P.” For those who don’t understand the name, let me explain! Myosin is a protein in muscles that allow […]