Software Engineering

I began my tech journey when I was 8 years old learning how to build a website. Since then, I’ve been keen to continue my learning journey as I navigate the tech industry. I still consider myself quite a newbie, but I hope that as I learn and document, it will help others with their own journey into tech! This process of blogging about what I’ve learned also helps with solidifying concepts in my head.
📅 January 24th 2022 //

My iPad Mini is my second laptop

Small but powerful. I love my iPad Mini! This is how I’ve been using it for my creative work and beyond.

📅 November 9th 2021 //

4 things that have made my life better

This is the first post on the topic of things that improve my life greatly. 💖

📅 September 9th 2021 //

My favourite workflows for productivity

I’ve recently gone down the rabbit hole of working on improving my workflows. This blog post covers my favourite tools and workflows ✨

📅 October 12th 2020 //

Four simple ways to deploy your small website

Have a project you want to deploy? But overwhelmed by all the different options? Here are some of my favourites!

📅 August 10th 2020 //

My favourite tech tools

Working in tech I use quite a few tools for my day-to-day at work as well as personal projects. Here are my top 5!

📅 June 25th 2020 //

Rebuilding with Next.js + Vercel

A post about my recent rebuild of using Next.js and Vercel for deployment. Here’s what I got up to! 🚀

📅 August 6th 2019 //

Building Pawlean 2.0

Matt and I spent a month rebuilding Pawlean, here’s the how and the why behind it all. 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

📅 January 14th 2019 //

Learning to code

Sharing some of my favourite resources that has helped me on my coding journey so far 👩🏻‍💻