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Discovering my place in the tech community has made such a positive impact in every aspect of my life. Since getting involved in these communities, I've gained the confidence to pursue my dreams of working in the tech world! Community is everything. Need convincing? For instance, here is my talk about the power of communities, you can watch it here.
πŸ“… January 10th 2022 //

Upgrading my webcam to a DSLR

I recently joined the HD camera club! Here’s how I did it and my experience so far.

πŸ“… September 9th 2021 //

My favourite workflows for productivity

I’ve recently gone down the rabbit hole of working on improving my workflows. This blog post covers my favourite tools and workflows ✨

πŸ“… July 2nd 2021 //

As of today, I’m building communities full-time.

πŸŽ‰ Some BIG news! I’ll be joining Gitpod as a Senior Community Engineer to pioneer and lead community engagement and development.

πŸ“… May 13th 2021 //

Building my Website-as-a-Service project

In this post, I talk about the magic of infrastructure as code + AWS on creating my ‘website-as-a-service’ project!

πŸ“… April 9th 2021 //

I’m officially an AWS Community Builder!

I recently became an AWS Community Builder! Here’s a post about what the program is about and what to expect from me in my continuous Cloud journey.

πŸ“… February 12th 2021 //

50inTech: 50% of Women in Tech by 2050

Connect, get hired, get inspired and have fun! Learn more and get involved with the 50inTech community.

πŸ“… October 12th 2020 //

Four simple ways to deploy your small website

Have a project you want to deploy? But overwhelmed by all the different options? Here are some of my favourites!

πŸ“… September 3rd 2020 //

#Build – A The Girl Code Initiative

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» A guest blog post by the lovely folks at The Girl Code about #Build. TGC is a non-profit organisation that aims to bridge the gender gap in technology.

πŸ“… July 15th 2020 //

☁️ How I use AWS S3 to host images on my blog

This month’s technical blog post will teach you how to use AWS S3 and Wordpress together to help improve your blog’s performance and flexibility.

πŸ“… June 25th 2020 //

Rebuilding with Next.js + Vercel

A post about my recent rebuild of using Next.js and Vercel for deployment. Here’s what I got up to! πŸš€

πŸ“… June 22nd 2020 //


Yep, we’re still levelling up in 2020! 😎 Whether you want to get a job in tech, start freelancing or learn new skills, the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox has everything you need to get going.

πŸ“… January 17th 2020 //

The stories behind the stickers

It’s time for a change! But before then… let’s talk about all of it. πŸ€ͺ

πŸ“… March 18th 2019 //

How can more women break into tech?

The tech industry is growing – but where are all the women? This is a collab post with Pathrise – a career accelerator that help folks land dream job in tech.

πŸ“… January 14th 2019 //

Learning to code

Sharing some of my favourite resources that has helped me on my coding journey so far πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

πŸ“… May 12th 2018 //

Taking up space

This week I attended the Tab’s Future 100 event at J.P Morgan in London, here’s what I took away!

πŸ“… April 4th 2018 //

Paying it Forward

Being involved with the Code First: Girls community opened up so many opportunities to me from scoring a Web Developer job to boosting my confidence in STEM and beyond πŸš€

πŸ“… March 16th 2018 //

Organising #HackMed18

Sharing everything I learnt organising #HackMed18 – a medically focused hackathon that aims to solve problems related to humanity’s elementary need, health.

πŸ“… March 5th 2018 //


Code First: Girls hosted their second Northern Conference (#CFGNConf18) at PwC in Manchester last week. Here’s what I took away from the conference as well as what I hope I gave back ✨

πŸ“… December 14th 2017 //

On Public Speaking β˜‚οΈ #3

Last weekend, I attended an unconference at Nottingham for student tech community leaders where I had the chance to speak a few times 🎀

πŸ“… November 25th 2017 //


TL:DR – To quote a Twitter Engineer: It was “super-mega-extra-cool.” πŸ˜†

πŸ“… October 13th 2017 //

On Public Speaking 🎀 #1

On Monday I delivered my first solo talk on community building. A step out of my comfort zone? Yep. Another achievement? Hell yeah.

πŸ“… September 27th 2017 //

What I took away from HackCon EU

Last weekend I attended my first hackathon-focused conference, HackCon EU. 🚩🌎

πŸ“… September 22nd 2017 //

5 Reasons you should learn to code
with Code First: Girls

A post about why you should get involved in the #shefcodefirst movement πŸ’–

πŸ“… June 3rd 2017 //

If she can see it, she can be it

Project Prep is a novel aimed at girls and young women that highlight the wonders of working in tech.

πŸ“… May 6th 2017 //

Empowering Women
with Tech βš‘οΈπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Reflecting on Empowering Women With Tech Conference 2017 πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

πŸ“… March 11th 2017 //

Be Bold For Change 🌺

I always want to blog events in my life as they happen but being such a perfectionist, I find it a challenge. Also juggling what I post on social media about events in addition to writing a post about said event seems a lot to handle at once. I’ve been involved in a lot of social […]

πŸ“… February 6th 2017 //

one hundred + fifty-two

I’ve been pretty loud on social media about this, so you probably already know but I have to share the exciting first week of February with you. Besides being extremely busy at work with the new semester starting tomorrow, Code First: Girls (CF:G) courses started this week. I’ve written about CF:G in the past, including when […]

πŸ“… November 27th 2016 //

Sharing to Inspire

The past week has been pretty busy as usual despite my two days off, I had a lot of social commitments and although they were very fun, it’s always great getting back to my room and catching up with my personal tasks and goals. On Tuesday I spent my evening with the weekly Code First:Girls […]

πŸ“… March 15th 2016 //

Languages: Code

Most people already know this but I love project work. There’s something about having a team with differing specialties, all with great ideas, managing everyone to their ability and working together towards a set target that really makes me have an optimistic mindset for team-based work. So, my first project for this semester was focusing […]