Explore == Explaw 🐾 Yeah, I did that. 😆 Once upon a time, I used to be terrified of travelling. In 2017, I committed to overcoming my fear and spent some time to travel. Explaw contains all of my travel posts, detailing all the incredible adventures I've had across the world over the years. Follow my paw-prints!

4 days in Norway 🇳🇴

September 21st 2019

Hit our 8th adventure of the year! Here’s what we got up to in the beautiful country of Norway. 🏔 This post includes overall spending, because yikes 💸

The seaside

September 14th 2019

A post about our recent weekend trip to the seaside. ⛱

The Greek Islands 🇬🇷

July 6th 2019

TFW you have found your calling – island hopping. This post is all about my adventures around the Greek Islands 💙

My Airbnb Experience

June 19th 2019

Sharing my experience using Airbnb for the first time during our trip around Europe 🏡

The magical city of Paris

June 5th 2019

The final stop of our European Interrailing Adventure – Paris, France. 🇫🇷

Northern Germany

May 24th 2019

Stop 4 of our European Interrailing Adventure – Hamburg, Germany. 🇩🇪

The City of a Hundred Spires

May 18th 2019

Stop 3 of our European Interrailing Adventure is the historic city of Prague. 🇨🇿

V for Vienna

May 12th 2019

Stop 2 of our European Interrailing Adventure is the beautiful, green city of Vienna. 🇦🇹

Buda – Pest

April 24th 2019

Kicking off our interrailing adventure with the beautiful city of Budapest. 🇭🇺

The island of no stress

February 21st 2019

Kicking off the first adventure of 2019, Matt and I visited Sal, a Cape Verde Island to fully reset and recharge 🔋🇨🇻

#Explaw🐾-ing Málaga

July 7th 2018

Sharing the awesome highlights as well as the unexpected bumps during mine and Matt’s trip to Málaga!

Suns out, Cams out

May 25th 2018

A week summary post on spending sunnier days at Ladybower Reservoir, exploring Leeds and thoughts on the upcoming months – including moving out! 😱

Buongiorno principessa

November 19th 2017

About my experience in the land of my favourite food – the good and the very ugly. 🇮🇹

Biting the big 🍎

July 15th 2017

The final days in NYC with Matt. Views, on views, on views! 😍

“That’s SO American!” 🇺🇸

July 10th 2017

A post about mine and Matt’s first five days in New York!

Surprise, you’re 21! 🎉

July 2nd 2017

Another year wiser and stronger 💪🏼 A post about my incredible day in New York, celebrating 21 years of positive growth ⭐️

12 hours in London

June 11th 2017

Meeting Micah, Chynna and Mutay all in one day 👯

Dam great churros

April 22nd 2017

In the past, I never really appreciated Easter weekend as much because as a student I would get 3 weeks off where I had much more flexibility with my time.

“It’s pretty nice here”
– me, everyday in Southern France

April 14th 2017

…I see you facepalming through the screen. Today I’ll be talking about part 2 of my Euro trip to Southern France with my best friend, Hamdah.

“Wait, you’re actually going?”
– everyone

April 8th 2017

Sometime in November, I remember feeling bored with my current everyday life – not necessarily in a negative way – I was craving to do something somewhere that wasn’t in Sheffield. Last year one of my new year resolutions was to travel more.

Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham

September 24th 2016

This post is a little late because it has been crazy since September started. Work has been getting much busier due to the start of a new exciting term at University. If I hadn’t taken a year out for my placement, I would be in my final year. Seeing all the new students over the… Continue reading Exploring England:
Loughborough & Nottingham

a long weekend

August 29th 2016

For the first time in two years, I managed to have a bank holiday weekend off, which means no work, no deadlines, no nothing and let me tell you, it’s so refreshing! A lot has happened over the past 3 days but I’m going to highlight the 3 main things; I tried to utilize as… Continue reading a long weekend

Vestirse in España

August 7th 2016

My holiday blues have yet to disappear but looking at photos of it has helped make the transition to grey weather better. Prior to going on holiday, I spent a reasonable amount of time shopping for holiday clothes. Since my wardrobe consists mainly of Autumn/Winter clothes (because let’s face it, UK weather will never get better)… Continue reading Vestirse in España

Experiencing España

July 28th 2016

Hola! If you follow me on any of my social media profiles, you’ll know that I’ve been on a week trip to Spain. I’m (sadly) back in England now, with an uneven tan and beach blues. Although my dad is Spanish, I’ve not had many Spanish influences in my culture growing up so it was interesting… Continue reading Experiencing España

An unexpected trip

July 7th 2016

Tweeting on Monday, “This week is the week” I hadn’t realised that it was going to turn upside down real fast. Travel-wise, anyway. It all started on Tuesday, I was planning to meet a friend and wanted to take some pictures for the day, so I went to get my camera where I usually put in a drawer… Continue reading An unexpected trip

I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

May 21st 2016

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, it has just been over a month since my last one but, I have an excuse which all student bloggers will all feel me on: it’s exam session. How am I? Still alive but I’m barely breathing. I finish my second year of university 4 weeks – a part… Continue reading I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

April 18th 2016

My second day in London involved eating the best sushi I’ve ever had, admiring London even more from a skyscraper and covering the final places I had on my list. You can read about my first day in London here. Table of Contents A morning in ArchwayWhere are we?“Watch this grown man stand on me… Continue reading From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

The walk down South Bank

April 8th 2016

I’ve had the busiest week ever. And I loved it. This week I managed to complete one of my year goals of leaving my city to visit at least 2 other places in England. As you may know, I decided to stay in my city of 8 years for university so unlike others, I didn’t… Continue reading The walk down South Bank

York + OOTD

August 25th 2015

So today’s my very first fashion-related blog post (a little excited!) Over the weekend, my family spontaneously went to York for a nice relaxing shopping trip – let me tell you; we needed it! Over the last few weeks, my family have had a busy schedule and there was no point in time that everyone was together so… Continue reading York + OOTD