Previous Website Designs

This page show cases previous website designs I designed and developed for this blog. I’m always learning new coding and web-design tricks which I try to apply into my designs!

Current theme is: “Addition by subtraction.” which is one of my favourite quotes from the book, “Everything that Remains” by the minimalists. I wanted to go for a more minimal theme with a focus on the content and images.

“Purple. You’re Purple.”

Named after a conversation I had with a person in my life who has synesthesia. He had told me that my colour is purple (along with a lot of other things.)

Designed on a Bootstrap framework.




This one-column responsive layout was inspired by my hometown of 14 years. My hometown is quite known for it’s hills; the photo was taken in the summer of 2015. Edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to go with the spring colour palette in which I based/worked around the whole layout on.




I worked around the grey brick wallpaper, inspired by a wall in my own home actually! Grey tones, two column responsive layout. On smaller devices, it’s one column with the footer merged with the sidebar.



“Monochrome Simple”

A simple white one-column layout.