Him ❤️

He is very special to me.
He is the one that makes me excited and happy for life.
He is mostly the one behind the camera.
He is the one that adds lots of fuel to my ambitions and dreams.
He is my best friend, my biggest supporter and the light in my life.
He is the one that helped me feel love again.

Thank you, Matt ❤️

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

February 14th 2019

TFW you accidentally post all your love letters on the internet

Matt does my makeup

October 23rd 2018

…and he did it well. ish. #Mattline finally take on the “my boyfriend does my makeup” tag. How well did he do?

August, For Me (2018)

August, For Me

August 31st 2018

August celebrated a lot of anniversaries from #4YearsofPaw, 2 years of creating a better me and another year of implementing this blog column monthly!