The current theme is Addition by Subtraction 2.0. Inspired by one of my favourite quotes from the book, “Everything That Remains” by The Minimalists. My aim with this theme was to reflect my more minimal approach to life and to focus on the content of each blog post.

This is the second version of the initial theme back in 1st of January 2017, re-created by Matt and me during our Project Pawlean 2.0. We built it using React/Nextjs with a headless CMS — using only the WordPress API. You can read all about how we developed it here.

Previous Themes

These are all themes that I designed and developed for this blog. I’m always learning new coding and web design tricks which I try to apply to my new designs.

“Purple. You’re Purple.”

Named after a conversation I had with a person in my life who has synesthesia. Developed using the a Bootstrap framework. Live Preview »


This one-column responsive layout was inspired by my hometown of 14 years. My hometown is quite known for it’s hills; the photo was taken in the summer of 2015. Edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to go with the spring colour palette in which I based/worked around the whole layout on.


I worked around the grey brick wallpaper, inspired by a wall in my own home actually! Grey tones, two column responsive layout. On smaller devices, it’s one column with the footer merged with the sidebar.


“Monochrome Simple”

A simple white one-column layout.