Timeless Thoughts: Korean pop

Firstly, a big thank you to TC & Georgie for creating this blog column – it’s such a great way to go down memory lane with the blogging community! So for my very first entry of ‘Timeless Thoughts’ I’m starting off with my long love for Korean pop (K-pop) which I’ve been missing a lot recently. My long time blogging buddies may remember my older posts of love for Korean stars!

For those of you who don’t know, K-pop is korean pop music – you might’ve heard of it even if you’re not really into the k-pop scene because come on, who hasn’t heard of ‘Gangnam Style’? For the record, I was way into Korean pop way before PSY came along with that over played song.

2008 was the year I was introduced into the k-pop world by a friend with 2ne1. I was just 14/15 years old; still trying to figure myself out and what not; I have to say k-pop has shaped me in ways. You may be thinking that music shouldn’t affect me much but this did, especially for a girl still trying to find out who she was! Through k-pop, I found my inner confidence and love for myself both of which I lacked back then.

Let me try and paint the picture for you guys: before getting into the k-craze I was quite shy, often feeling left out at school because I was the only one in my friendship group who wasn’t white. They regularly would talk about who they looked up to from TV such as Brittany Spears, Hannah Montana, Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, whoever else was famous back then! I didn’t really have anyone I would talk about with such enthusiasm that these girls were talking about because none of them looked like me? I know that sounds sort of weird but I used to think like that when I was little. I remember a classmate saying that I was “just Asian” at one point – it made me feel like I could never be as “cool” and “popular” as my peers because I wasn’t like their role models. As I grew up, I did find stars to look up to who had a similar background to myself such as Vanessa Hudgens.

As I proceeded to high school, I found Korean stars who aren’t exactly from the same background as me but they intrigued me. Loving everything from their confidence, styles and as I look more Asian than my European roots – I just felt more connected to them (seeing as sometimes I was mistaken for Korean/Japanese/Chinese/any other Asian that was not Filipino way too often.)

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 6.44.52 PM-2

In no time, I was obsessed with everything in the Korea – culture, food, songs, dances, hairstyles, make-up! I have thank Korean stars for my now perfect winged eyeliner (perfect inspiration!). I just felt that they were my 14 year old self’s role models – I didn’t have to feel ‘outlandish’ just because I didn’t have bright eyes or light hair or was Asian; instead I took pride in it because I felt sort of like those really cool k-pop stars!

Well, that’s the background story of me and k-pop. It sounds quite sad but I promise, it shouldn’t be taken in a sad way! You’ve gotten this far without listening to any k-pop songs haha – here are some of my favourites. Some are quite old, I haven’t caught up with it for years now. I think I’ve grown out of it, but it will always have a special place in my heart ❤

2ne1 – I Don’t Care

BEAST – Bad Girl

Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

BIG BANG – Haru Haru

Have you guys heard of k-pop? If so, any songs you’d like to contribute to the post?

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

27 responses to “Timeless Thoughts: Korean pop”

  1. Hello fellow K-Pop lover! omo, Beast’s Bad Girl is such a legendary song! kekeke~ I am a total “made in Malaysia” girl, with no mixed parents or coming from other country – that’s what I thought I was. But people see me (and my siblings too) differently because our parents are from two different sides of Malaysia, one from Peninsula and the other one from the Borneo, and for them, that is “mixed” enough. We have a hard time growing up because of the kids perception of our background. But oh well, it’s all in the past now.. we are proud of our family history, and we don’t care what people say about us.

    We started listening to K-Pop when DBSK just debuted, and no one in our friend circle knows about it – they thought we are weird for listening to asian music, which is different from the normal BSB, Britney Spears and all, but who cares..now people are listening to what we listened back then and we found it ironic keke~

    be proud of yourself, girl and I am sure you are not ^^ yup, it kinda feel sad at the beginning as I read your post, but I can’t help but to smile at the end of it.. ^^

    1. Hey there Fai!

      Thank you for the response 🙂 It’s really refreshing to hear such confidence – I admit I needed a little push to find confidence in myself! K-pop was definitely a positive influence that helped with my confidence building.

      I love Bad Girl – I remember when it first came out – it was one of my fave songs back in the day!

      Thanks for reading! xx

  2. typo! XD “i am sure you are NOW” hahhaha ~

  3. Hello! It’s my first time visiting, haha. I like K-Pop too but I always feel guilty admitting it to my other Korean peers lol. I actually haven’t heard a couple of these songs but I love Big Bang!

    It’s awesome that K-Pop had such a positive influence in your life.

    1. Why do you feel guilty telling your Korean peers? You should give them a listen – just as good as BB!


    I also started off with 2NE1, and I Don’t Care was my go to song. Then I branched off to boybands like F.T. Island and Super Junior. Then I found Wonder Girls and Brown Eyed Girls. I’ve recently gotten into Ladies’ Code and 2PM.

    Although I wouldn’t understand about not being the only one who wasn’t white, I definitely understand about the music thing because I was the only one who listened to kPop (well, me and Mutay because I made her :P) It’s definitely not weird. I think it’s super important that young girls have someone they can relate too. Being half Asian I guess I was drawn to kPop. Vanessa is bae. She’s so cute and I loved her in the film Bandslam. When I found out she was half Filipino, I was like ermergerddddddd – you’re like me. Since I’ve discovered so many other stars that are half Filipino or part Filipino like Bruno Mars and Shay Mitchell but that was only in recent years. I wish they were around when I was younger, but ah well.

    Big Bang’s Haru Haru is ultimate FEELS, man. Literally. I remember when I was going through a breakup or rough time, I would turn to the feelsy kpop songs.

    As for today, F.T. Island will forever and always be my favourite band. I love that they do pop songs but they have a rock feel to them. OH, and G-Dragon’s Crooked is amazing and was actually filmed in Shoreditch, London!

    1. OMG, you started off with 2ne1 too? YEAH GURL. “I Don’t Care” was my go to song too – it helped me get up every morning and I even used to play it before bed resulting in that girl powerness in me to awaken and so no sleep resulting in watching and finding out other Korean artists like Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, After School etc.

      I don’t know many of the new Korean bands – I’ve heard of Ladies Code but haven’t heard a song by them! I’m glad you’re getting into 2PM, I LOVED THEM SO MUCH BEFORE!! And 2AM too <3

      K-pop did draw me in because of how they sort looked like me? Because girl, I am NOT filipino to a lot of people even other filipinos LOL. And OMG I LOVE BANDSLAM, WATCHED IT AGAIN RECENTLY – TAHHHP FILM.

      Same – I used “I don’t care” when I was heavily rejected by my crush LOL. Ah, empowerment! I didn’t know it was filmed in London??? HE WAS SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR AWAY. T_T

  5. I was into Kpop from 1996 to about 2003. I feel so old HAHAHA! I love the Kpop groups from those days, and then after high school, I just no longer cared for them *winces* Don’t get me started on Psy’s “Gangnam Style”. That hyped up song just made me angry more than anything LOL.

    I’m now going back remembering my favourite Kpop artists and songs, and I may dedicated a TT post in the future for that.

    Thanks for participating! ^^ I’m so glad you did!

    1. That’s so cool – I don’t know many artists from that time, maybe Lee Hyori? 😛 (If she was around then)

      Gangnam Style was just one of the worse things ever, I just think it was overplayed!

      Thank you for creating it – it was so much fun to do, will definitely participate in future “Timeless Thoughts”. 🙂

  6. I love love Kpop, but I started way back when I was in my teenage years. First it was Jpop, then Kpop. Seriously.

    Kpop helped me get through a lot. I’m glad it helped you through that critical time in your life as well. I’m actually really shy, myself, but you would never really believe it in person because I’m quite loud, but I’m still very introverted by heart.

    1. Yeah, I started when I was about 14/15 ha! I liked K-pop first then listened to some J-pop!

      I’m glad it’s not just me – thankful for the positive influence of it in my life 😉

  7. I was never into K-Pop, but I had a lot of friends who are. That is why, though i am not a real fan, i know the songs, the titles, and the names. haha I am a fan of Koreandramas tho. =)

    1. I love watching K-dramas too!

  8. I’m not into K-Pop but I know so many people who are. Heck, I was basically surrounded by K-Pop fans back in college! XD

    Anyway, “I Don’t Care” by 2NE1 brought me back to some nice memories. When I was in my 2nd year at college (year of 2012- good times!), my theatre club did a group lip-sync/singer impressions type of performance during one school event. It was one of the most fun things we did. A bunch of my good friends did a lip sync of “I Don’t Care” and they dressed up as the 2NE1 girls! 🙂

    1. I’m super jealous! That sounds like so much fun 🙂

  9. I have given k-pop a chance, and honestly, I don’t much care for it. I listened to it when I was all into the J-POP scene. I thought it would be a nice change, but to me it felt the same in a way. I have heard Gangnam Style by PSY, but thought it to be rather annoying. Only because it was over-played.

    Great videos, despite my non love for K-pop.

    1. Thanks! I’m the other way round – I prefer K-pop to J-pop, I couldn’t just get into J-pop.

  10. I have listened to K-Pop way before Psy as well 🙂
    Korean culture is mesmerizing and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this wee part of your life hon.
    xox Nadia

    1. Aww, I’m glad to hear you heard about it before Psy 😉 Thanks again, sweetie!

  11. I’ve heard of Kpop, it’s such a big thing over here, but I don’t listen to it (I’m more of a Mandopop fan). I do know some groups and solo artists too because of Kdramas, which I love! 🙂 I love how Kpop idols are all so multi-talented, it’s crazy!

    1. They are definitely all very multi-talented! Inspiring!

  12. Thanks for sharing I’m sure so many can relate to your story. I’m not into KPOP at the moment only K-Beauty maybe I should try 🙂

    x Maya

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  13. Haru Haru is one of my favourite k-pop songs. I don’t listen to k-pop much anymore though my younger brother is a huge fan. I had a Korean/Japanese friend who was obsessed with 2NE1 and Epik High (I believe they are Korean? My favourite song is One).

    I went to a high school where most of the students were Asian, but there have been situations such as in my ballet class or at university where I have been the only Asian/half-Asian person in the room. It’s a bit hard being coloured and sometimes I still get a lot of looks… 😐 I’m sure you understand what I mean. I won’t go into a huge storytelling here, haha.

    I don’t know many caucasian people who are interested in world music. I listen to any kind of music which is how I was introduced to k-pop. I listened to j-pop (Japanese pop music) as well but these days I feel like I have moved on from it. I really enjoyed it in high school though.

    1. I totally understand what you mean – it’s those looks ugh!

      I feel like I have moved on from it too, but occasionally do look back and miss those times. :3

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