Just up to my clavicle

Wow, is all that I can say.

It’s been such a crazy, information-packed last few weeks since I returned to university for my second year, I’ve been meaning to make some time for blogging but honestly, the workload has been so overwhelming. My schedule has been: lecture, labs, lecture, labs, study, study, study, remember to breathe and eat, basically ultimate stress. I have to admit though, I like being busy and having a lot to do but the only thing I dislike is not having time to blog and read blogs.

University – Autumn Semester

The modules I have for this semester are interesting and so far not as difficult as I thought it would be, it’s more like A LOT of stuff at once. I’m especially enjoying my anatomy classes a lot from all the incredible names (I need to learn!) to absolutely amazing dissection sessions. I didn’t expect to enjoy anatomy, expected to be more scared but I haven’t had this much fun in my course since I first started university.

We also have a “careers” module this semester, although many of my friends don’t particularly enjoy it; because it is really daunting especially for those who have no idea what to do after university; I found it to be really motivating. I go to my part-time job now, even more, motivated to do well – not just to earn money, but earn skills I can use elsewhere.

The cut

Aside from all the work I’ve been doing, I managed to find time to get my curly hair that’s been growing back from my last chemical straightening process re-bonded again, it feels great having all straight hair rather than random curls popping around. I also got my long hair cut to just above my clavicle collarbone (what I said to the hairdresser: “up to my clavicle please”)

I decided to go for the cut because, during my first week at university, I found my long hair incredibly annoying. When I got it cut, I have to admit – I did regret it a little bit – but dang, the “heaviness” (of EVERYTHING) I’d been feeling especially since I got back to university went away. Okay, it wasn’t like cutting my hair helped with any of the workload but it sure felt like it! I’m definitely sure some of you can relate. ? If any of you guys are wondering where I got my hair done, it was at a Japanese-inspired salon called “City Head Spa” I believe they have branches across the UK. I can’t recommend them enough!

My current hair and style inspirations are Alexa Chung and Arden Rose. I’ve recently started watching Arden on YouTube, she’s super funny and has hair game on point (am I right though?) I recommend you all to take a look!

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I’ll be catching up with my favourite blogs now then finish off this lab report I have due in tomorrow. Gah, it all feels so overwhelming but I’m so ready to rock ‘n roll!

30 responses to “Just up to my clavicle”

  1. I feel the same way as you with it being week three of school!! But I’m sure you’ll overcome any challenges thrown your way with a breeze ;). I barely have time to read and comment on blogs but I make do with the time I have (like now).

    I’m glad to hear that your classes are interesting. At least it’ll carry you through without feeling like you wasted so much time. I like your new haircut! It does look lighter and it’s pretty! Meanwhile, I can’t seem to convince myself to let my hair get cut XD.

    1. Aww, thanks Nancy! Hopefully! I know how you feel, I’m currently making time right now to go over some of my fave blogs and return comments! 😛

      Anatomy is super interesting!

      Haha, DON’T CUT YOUR HAIR. It’s gorgeous, but if you ever do one day, make sure to treasure it and put it in a glass box or something ;_;

  2. I know how it feels with hair feeling heavy. I’ve always had way TOO much hair. I started cutting it into a pixie cut for like a year? It feels great after I get it cut. Plus less effort to mess with it. XD But you’re hair looks really great!

    1. I’m glad you like it! Thank you 😀

  3. Yeah, I heard that second year of college is very tough, compared to the first year. I also heard that it gets tougher from here on out. Whoever said that is completely accurate. What major are you majoring in, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I feel you, when I first started my second year, I barely had any time for myself. I understand that a lot of students intend to drop out after the first mid-term. I guess those are the ones that can’t handle school? I used to think that school wasn’t for me, which is why I’m going back to college so late. Plus, I was doing it on my own as well. But, I am glad to hear that your classes are interesting. I have to take one biology class in order to get my degree. I’m really looking forward to the semester I get to take it.

    I like your new haircut, I’m planning on getting mine cut some time today (Sunday). Though, I’m hoping to get a trim, as my long hair doesn’t cut it with my bangs. You look good with your haircut.

    1. I’m majoring in Biomedical Sciences! Thank you :”)

  4. Love your new cut! It suits you very nicely! 😀

    And ughhhh, school. I know my hobbies like blogging took a backseat when I was concentrating on school! School’s a soul sucker.

    Glad you’re finding the stuff you’re learning, though! Sure, the workload’s a killer, but least your brain’s engaged and everything 😀

    Good luck! Don’t overdo it! And don’t worry about your blog friends! We’ll still be around! We understand you have school! ^^

    1. Aww thank you sweetheart!

  5. Love the haircut! <3 I think it's a great length on you. It's been almost a year now since I had mine cut. It's super long and goes all the way down my back. I'm thinking about cutting it for my graduation pictures but I'm scared that I'll regret it.

    I found second year to be my hardest year. Everything fell apart when I took biochem and organic chem together. Oh man, the nightmares of Anatomy. Best of luck, girl! Keep working hard at school and your job. Your favourite blogs aren't going anywhere!

    1. I love Anatomy! 😀 Thank you!!

  6. It’s good that even though it has been so busy that you have liked it. I am sure that everyone will understand if you don’t have time to catch up on blogs at the moment.

    Shorter hair can be so much easier to manage sometimes. 😀

  7. I definitely know about having too much on your plate. I hope you and I both can manage a balance with school.

    Glad your classes are interesting. Cute haircut 😀

  8. Sounds like you’ve been super busy! I’m glad your modules have been interesting at least, and a careers module seems like it’d be helpful for the future. I also love your hair 😀 It looks great! I used to love long hair, but now I find it annoying. I try to keep it around shoulder length now. It feels so good to cut it after growing it out.

    I hope you’ll find time to relax now and then! Don’t get too stressed!

    1. Hopefully, thank you Cat!

  9. Oh wow. Good luck with uni! I remember my own busy days from there- crazy deadlines and stuff. I stopped blogging because of that D: But I know you’ll get through it. 🙂

    I’ve been pretty busy myself working on some personal projects and entertaining some relatives who came from America to stay over with us so I haven’t been getting to check out my frequented blogs too!

    The hair looks great. 🙂 I don’t have as much courage to get mine cut though hahahaha

  10. So exciting you’re back in Uni! Your hair looks great, I recently cut mine too, a little longer than yours is in your insta pic and I love it! I want to go even shorter, like Alexa Chung, but I’m terrified haha!

  11. Seems like you’re really busy, but I do hope you get around your school works and still be able to blog!

  12. New haircut looks super amazing, hon!! I just followed you on Insta (what took me so long lol). Aww, I completely understand the stress & the busy schedule of uni. You can do it all though, girlie! Just make sure to breathe and eat 😉
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you Nadia, you’re so lovely as always!

  13. Ack, I have the opposite problem with my hair, it can’t grow past my chest without thinning out at the end! I do love the long bob style though, especially if you have some waves or texture in your hair.
    Good luck with school!!

  14. I miss being stressed about uni work! But the great thing about having a job is that you have set times in which to stress, which is brilliant if you want to relax and unwind. Hope uni is going well for you.

    I love your new hair. I wish mine was a bit shorter – it’s a pain to straighten on a morning as it is now. Maybe a hair cut is in order.

    1. Yeah, it definitely balances… sort of!

  15. Aw, girl. I remember those days. Second year is most definitely when you can see it getting harder – but you got this girl!

    I recently started a new job, so I don’t have the luxury of just reading blogs/commenting on the fly. I mostly just write a bunch of posts and schedule them and then pick a day to return comments/catch up on blogs.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re finding your modules interesting. Btw, I love your new haircut!

    1. Glad you like it Chynna! <3

  16. Aww, good luck with your studies, I know you can do it. I know you’ll adjust soon! 🙂

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