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For the first time in two years, I managed to have a bank holiday weekend off, which means no work, no deadlines, no nothing and let me tell you, it’s so refreshing!

A lot has happened over the past 3 days but I’m going to highlight the 3 main things; I tried to utilize as much of the free time I had over the weekend before the 9 – 5 routine starts again this week!

1. Second Retail XP

Around this time last year, I wrote a post about my first retail experience and if you remember, it wasn’t exactly the best time of my life. Despite the negative working environment that I put up with that whole year, I entered my second retail job with a fresh open mind.

Unlike previously, I was welcomed and integrated into the team from day one. Managers were always supportive and the rest of the team always had a positive energy that rubbed onto me whilst I was working.

For me it wasn’t about earning extra cash on the side of my studies (although that was great!) instead, the company culture that encouraged personal and professional growth. I have most certainly seen the benefits long-term. In fact, most recently the experience has already proven to be useful, I use certain aspects of my time at my part-time job in my current placement. Everybody has to start somewhere.

I believe that everything I learnt will continue to be useful in my growth whichever industry I end up in.

I’m thankful for my time there, I was actually a little emotional leaving and handing in my notice took a whole week because I love it there too much! Although, I was sad for it to come to an end, I’m excited to have weekends free to have some quality me-time!

2. Trip to York

Oh how I wish that said New York…
I spent Sunday at the cute little city of York. Previously, I went to the designer outlet in York, but never the city centre itself. It’s always such a thrill to me to visit new cities in England so as usual, I had to take photos of all the pretty corners and spots.

St Mary’s Abbey

The medieval castle walls that surround the city made me feel like I was a walking in a fairytale.

The River Ouse

I even managed to squeeze some time in to meet up with my long-time school friend at the chocolate shop she works at in the York Shambles. Although it was quite a short catch-up, it was so lovely to see her after such a lengthly amount of time and of course, get that double scoop of ice cream that she served me.

City walls

The York Shambles heavily reminded me of Fable. If you’ve ever played it, the style of the houses and shops (especially Little Shambles which I didn’t get a photo of because it was so crowded ?)  are too alike to the towns on Fable. I did wonder for a minute as I ate that delicious double scoop ice cream, that if I was in the real life version of the game, would the ice cream would give me bad points?

The Shambles

I also made a quick video of my short time in York. Check it out below:

3. The Gym

After a series of events that happened this month with anxieties rocking upwards more than ever, one of my managers at my part-time job had recommended me to go running to release the negative energy.

I took her advice and ran every day for 2 weeks, the running turned into “I want to do something else” which then turned into buying a gym membership and committing to attending the gym. I can now say that I’m a little obsessed with working out that I’ve dedicated weekends for the last month (after work/early before work) to spending time doing high intensity workouts as well as home exercises from a series of YouTube videos  and the 30 days fitness challenge app.

It burns so good, but I find it so much fun!

Not to mention buying gym clothes and equipment has reached a new satisfactory level in my shopping addiction.

My latest addiction: gym wear.

Working out has made it into my routine along with meditation (which by the way, I’ve been doing for 77 days straight! ?) Excited to see results and get fitter – maybe I can start taking the stairs rather than the elevator to the office work soon!

How’s your bank holiday weekend been?

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  1. I don’t think we get a bank holiday in Australia! Actually, we do… but the only people who get the day off are people who actually work in banks. 😛

    It’s great to hear your retail experience this time was far better than your previous one. I know you were really upset by that previous experience as well.

    We all need a good long weekend! Most of the time I stay at home, but there have been occasions where Nick and I travel somewhere for the weekend as well. York looks really beautiful and I really like those old buildings you guys have in England! It’s just something that Sydney really lacks. ? I watched your little video and it was nice to get a motion picture of what it was like too.

    I’m so proud that you have gotten yourself working out at the gym! I used to be into running but now less so – I’m more into strength training now, but it’s definitely good to have some cardio in as well. It feels good! ? High five! When I bought gym gear I bought two tops and two just-over-the-knee leggings in fluorescent colours. I love them, I still have them, but I gotta admit it’s tempting to get some more! It can be expensive and even though I bought them on sale, I don’t really need to buy any more. They last quite some time. ?

    Keep pumpin’!! ?

    1. I’ve started getting into strength training, it is so satisfying increasing the weights after it gets too easy! ?

  2. Wow, you really had a productive weekend. Congrats. I am glad you head a free week-end without deadlines or other stuff to work on. I am still waiting for a week-end like that :(.

    I would love to visit York (and New York also :D), actually I would love to visit England, especially since this summer I met a student from UK and he told me a lot of things about England. Maybe someday I will have the resources to visit it.

    1. You should definitely visit, Christina! England is beautiful ☺

      1. At some point of my life I will definitely will visit it. Probably it’s not the time yet <3

  3. Hurray for no work and deadlines! I’m glad to hear that you’re having a better experience this time around! Hope to hear more awesome stories from you :). I can definitely see some big growth from you this past year!

    I thought you actually went to York in the US XD. Hey, the York in your place is much nicer! I love how old school the buildings are. It reminds me of those medieval times XD.

    Go you for going to the gym!! Keep it up and don’t be Nancy XD. (I went to the gym for a couple of months and then got super lazy…). Keep it going! When I went to the gym, I would always look for some gym clothes, so I feel yah with the shopping XD.

    Keep it up!!!!!

    1. I used to go everyday at one point but then I too got lazy. Very determined and motivated this time around though ? I found cute gym clothes too so now I’m obsessed ?

  4. Yay! ^^ Looks like you’re having a great holiday. Those pictures of York and such are gorgeous!

  5. I feel like everybody should experience retail at least once because it is definitely a great way to build confidence, and earn new skills. Everything I’ve learnt in retail, I’ve noticed I use it at any place I’m at. It’s great if you’re going for customer facing roles, as well.

    Ah, I would love to visit York. It looks so pretty. Love the video 🙂

    You go, girl! Loving the gym motivation – definitely need some of that now that I’m back from holiday and have definitely eaten way too much. You look AMAZING!

    1. That’s definitely true! Retail has been a pioneer to every other experience I’ve had!

      YOU ARE TOO KIND ? Let me rub some motivation on ye ????

  6. I remember that first entry about your retail experience. I’m so glad your second retail job is a lot better! That’s great that everyone was way more welcoming and supportive 🙂

    Aahh, I love those castle walls. It really does give the surroundings a different feel. I didn’t play the first Fable, but I played the second one, and I can see the resemblance! If ice cream were in the game, I bet it’d give you bad points, haha. Totally worth it in real life though!

    That’s great that you enjoy working out now! I definitely turn to exercise as a stress reliever. It lets me clear my mind, and it feels really good afterwards. Because of Pokemon Go, I’ve been going out for walks lately, but before that, I was running or doing exercises at home almost every day. I actually miss the harder exercises now!

    1. I’m glad you know what I mean by the Fable game Cat haha! I’ve played all of them 🙂 I heard a rumor about Fable Legends but I’m not sure if it’s actually happening.

      Working out definitely does clear my mind, I love it! I’m glad Pokemon Go has allowed you to get the same level of exercise 😀

  7. I always hate leaving jobs. Even if I’m glad to get out of there in the long term, it’s always a little bit sad to leave everyone behind. I think I miss all the places I used to work. Not enough to work at them as well though!

    I love York. It’s so pretty and some of the museums are great. I can’t remember which museum it is, but it has pretend Victorian streets built underneath it. It’s so cute!

    I’ve started exercising more recently. It’s not very consistent atm though, so I’m hoping I can build it into my daily routine. Hopefully soon!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the weekend!

  8. That’s great you were able to have a long weekend! I have one this weekend (four days!!!), and I am so thankful for this reprieve amidst all the chaos I’ve experienced the past several weeks.

    It’s great when you’re in a good working environment. I’m glad your second retail job turned out to be a much better place. It’s hard leaving a workplace with great people, but sometimes we have to take that next step. Still, you’ll have the experiences and memories to cherish!

    York looks lovely! It’s always good to try and go out to explore your own country 😀 Shambles look like a quaint place!

    Kudos to you for taking on running to manage your stress and anxiety! 🙂 I need to get back into working out again, but my new commute schedule is just far too rough! Your workout outfit is so cute, by the way!

  9. Unfortunately, I had to work last weekend so I didn’t get much time for myself and leisurely activities. We don’t really get any bank holidays here in the U.S.

    But York looks like such a cute town and so picturesque! I’d love to visit at some point. It definitely looks like it may have served as inspiration for some Disney movies 😉

    I’ve always wanted to work in retail. It seems mostly laid back and not as stressful.

    I’ve been letting my job at school serve as my workout. Mainly because of the lack of workout clothes (and lack of money to buy them). But I am so happy that you’re keeping a steady routine! Keep it up!

  10. That is so wonderful that this time you were welcomed into the team. It would really make a huge difference to the working environment.

    York looks so beautiful!

    That’s really great that you have been going to the gym and it has been a positive. 😀 Congratulations on the consistent meditation as well. 🙂

  11. Oh my! Working out has always been unpleasant for me. Good for you that you are loving it so far. I liked yoga but I stopped and it has been more than a month now. I dont know why I stopped lol maybe I got lazy 😀 anyways york looks amazing!

    1. I enjoy Yoga! It’s lovely 😀

  12. Sounds like you had a productive yet rejuvenating Bank holiday! Good for you for working out. Although York is not New York, your pictures of York look beautiful. I also like medieval architecture. The York Shambles looks like such a homely place. I have yet to visit Europe but would like to someday, perhaps next year. I’m also considering merging my journal-y blog with suefeng.com soon so I’ll be posting about my vacation too :).

    1. You should – I’d love to know more about it Sue!

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