October, For Me

Thank you, October!

Autumn is here
Autumn is here



  • 👚 I did another big decluttering session
  • 📖 I’ve gotten into a reading habit
  • 🏰 Explored Warwick and Shakespeare’s Birthplace over a weekend with my family



  • ☁️ I’ve made some huge progress at work, and booked my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam for the end of next month.
  • ⭐️ BT officially launched their rebrand and I was honoured to be a part of it. ✨
  • 💻 I worked on some freelance web-development work, and sorted out a database issue which made me feel awesome.
  • 👏🏻 Organised some extra curricular events at work including a Techy Tea Party and Hack Day.
  • 🎉 I was featured on the Daily Mirror.
  • ✨ I spoke at reframe WIT conference in Manchester, alongside some incredible women and infront of 200+ attendees.

3 Things that Made Me Happy

1. Reading more

I’ve made it a bit of a habit to pick up a book to read for at least half an hour everyday. This has helped me reduce my screen time massively as well as let my mind focus on one thing rather than multitasking constantly.

I’ve also read some fantastic books this month! You can find all my progress on Goodreads.

2. Being part of the BT #BeyondLimits Rebrand

Beyond Limits feature
Beyond Limits feature

I’m proud of being part of my company’s rebrand! It’s such an exciting time at BT at the moment, and I think that our rebrand really reflects that! I’ve enjoyed walking around Leeds and Sheffield and seeing the banners and ads everywhere, knowing that I work for such a forward-thinking company.

You can check out what we’re doing to go beyond limits here. And peep my feature in this video ⤵️

3. Inspiration on minimalism

I spent some time this month decluttering my wardrobe and redefining what I love wearing (I.e. items that make me feel like Beyoncé) I wrote this post on Instagram all about the next step to my journey. I want to make more mindful, sustainable mindset towards fashion moving forward! I feel like this should be a blog post in itself so I won’t go on for now 🙈

October in Photos

October in photos
October in photos


October Favourites


  • Matt bought me an Orchid after one of my long days at work. I really appreciated it. 💖



  • Re-watched the School of Rock. Classic. 🎸
  • Joker – terrified me, but when I think back, it was pretty cool. 🤡
  • Yesterday – If you like the Beatles, I recommend watching this!


Quote of the Month

This is the beautiful secret of minimalism: It may seem like it’s about the stuff, but once you’ve cut through the clutter and adopted a new frame of mind, you learn that it’s barely about “the stuff” at all.

– Erica Layne, The Minimalist Way

Next Month

  • Kicking off Hack Day event!
  • Flying to Lisbon for Web Summit (I’m so excited!)
  • My goal is to try and get back into the swing of my fitness routine, it’s been all over the place recently.

4 responses to “October, For Me”

  1. Looks like another productive month has passed for you 😀 and omg you read so many books within a month??? Sapiens and Homodeus are quite big books too! They’ve been on my to read list for a while but I still haven’t bought them yet haha

    I’m also really looking forward to your posts on decluttering! I really feel like I could use some of your motivation…

    1. Thanks Delphine! I literally stopped watching Netflix every evening and realised that you can get a lot read if you swap out the habits haha. I recommend that you give them a read – super facsinating.

      Coming soon 👀

  2. I’ve been browsing a lot of online spaces just to see if I could stumble upon any blogs that I found interesting or wanted to follow and I’m happy to report that yours really caught my eye!

    I was terrified to watch the Joker, and now, reading this post has made me ever more hesitant, y’know. Also, I’m gonna take everyone of your book recommendations to heart right now because I love to read, but I’ve been running out of material. Really happy reading!

    Enjoy your day!

    1. Thanks Lise-Ann! Happy to have you here. 🙂

      You should give Joker a go, but it is terrifying. If you can’t handle thriller, I wouldn’t. 😱

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