Vaultskin – my dream phone case?

Hello friends, happy new month! I hope that you’re all keeping healthy and well. 🙏

To kick off this month, I wanted to share one of my favourites recently from last month. As I highlighted in my previous post on my March review, one of my favourite items last month is my new iPhone case from Vaultskin.

Since I’ve been updating my home set-up recently (from gym set-up to home office) and with my old phone case falling apart, Vaultskin approaching me to review their product was perfect timing!

Vaultskin London packaging - as high quality as their products!
Vaultskin London packaging – as high quality as their products!

Who are Vaultskin?

Vaultskin produces stylish and practical accessories for your phone, as well as wallets and our groundbreaking VaultCard. We believe that these products should simplify your movements and transactions during the day. Our products range from smartphone sleeves and cases to wallets, which are engineered to block unwanted RFID skimming. VaultCard is our latest creation that offers exceptional protection for your RFID cards.

Product review: Vaultskin ETON ARMOUR Wallet case 📱

I was gifted with their ETON ARMOUR Wallet Case. It is a high quality protective phone case that doubles up as a wallet (which I absolutely love!)

Holding the ETON ARMOUR Wallet Case
Holding the ETON ARMOUR Wallet Case with some information about Vaultskin

I actually stopped using a purse/wallet a few years ago. I personally prefer having everything in one and before using Vaultskin, I had looked at alternatives on Amazon – most of which I “made” myself. By that I mean, I bought a phone case and then stuck a wallet-type attachment thing on it. It wasn’t as high tech or very reliable as Vaultskin, but it did the job for a few years. It’s nice to know that there are brands are opting in for more of this kind of style!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Vaultskin ETON ARMOUR Wallet Case on 3 main aspects: quality of the case, protectiveness of the case and usefulness.

💫 Quality

The phone case is made from top grain Italian leather, it is a soft leather that gives you a solid grip of your phone at all times. I didn’t know if it was going to be genuine leather, but if you smell it – it definitely is that high quality leather smell. 😆 I’m sure you know what I mean!

If I’m being honest, it’s probably the highest quality protective case I’ve ever had on my iPhone! I opted in for the black colour because my phone cases has always been black, but it also comes in classic colours – cognac and brown.

The back of the case with the Vaultskin logo
Straight out of the box! This is the back of the case with the Vaultskin logo

🔨 Protectiveness

I know I’m not alone in this but I drop my phone quite frequently 🤦🏻‍♀️ 100% of the time it’s just me being clumsy (the amount of times Matt has cringed at me for dropping my phone is ridiculous 😂!) As a result, it’s incredibly important for me to have protective case that is reliable.

I’ve dropped my phone a few times since I got the case but there hasn’t been a single scratch on my screen or the iPhone itself. On the front part of the case there is a very slight raised lip design which protects your screen from even touching the surface it is placed on.

Vaultskin wallet case is incredibly strong!
Vaultskin wallet case is incredibly strong!

There is also a rubber padding which further adds an extra layer of protection! The leather body of the case further cushions most drops.

I feel confident that however clumsy I am, my phone will be nice and safe.

🙌🏻 Usefulness

As someone who loves not carrying a wallet around, this wallet case design like I said above was absolutely perfect for me. There are actually two “pockets” you can use to store your cards or case. One of them is more hidden, one more visible. I like to put my most frequently accessed cards at the front and the less frequently used (but still important to carry day-to-day) in the back pocket.

The back pocket with some of my less frequently used cards
The back pocket with some of my less frequently used cards

When I go out to buy something, it’s never been easier to just take my phone out, grab my card and pay! Saving me so much time. I love efficiency!

Although I don’t really carry cash around with me anymore, if I really needed to, it fits cash and coins too. Super useful.

Looks stylish from the front too!
Looks stylish from the front too!

Overall, the Vaultskin ETON ARMOUR Wallet Case is functional, stylish and protective. What more can you want from a phone case?! It is the best wallet and phone case I’ve ever had hands down.

I know that this set-up isn’t for everybody, so if you prefer using a wallet, Vaultskin also offers a range of RFID protected wallets. Check out their full collection on their website.

If you’re looking to upgrade your phone case, look no further! Vaultskin has you covered (see what I did there 🤣) Save yourself 10% off your order by using my code VSF-PAWLEAN10 at checkout 💖

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  1. Looks really nice, and sounds super useful! Not for me, but still cool.

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