April, For Me

This has pretty much summed up the bad days
This has pretty much summed up the bad days

Main Highlights



  • ☀️ The weather is getting better in the UK, which is still a mood-booster even if we can’t go outside as much.
  • 👗 Inspired by my conversations with Georgie, I started decluttering my wardrobe a lot. It has been a fun activity to do whilst we are in lockdown. I recently set-up my Depop store again and have been selling so many of my old sports gear!
  • 🍪 Matt and I have been experimenting with cooking and baking!
  • 🔥 My home workouts have been kicking my butt



  • 🏡 I’ve adapted a lot better to WFH, but I still have some days where I feel a little overwhelmed and that’s OK. 😊
  • ☁️ I’m continuing my learning in the SRE space, doing a lot of documentation and automation. I created my first Lambda function!

3 Things that made me happy

1) Feeling more connected

Even though we’re more isolated, I’ve strangely felt a lot more connected to people and community. It might be because I’m making more of an effort to stay connected! It has been really nice and is something I want to consciously be better at in person when this is all over. 😊

(I won’t ever cancel plans again, I swear 🤣)

2) Learning new skills

Matt and I have been learning how to be proper adults recently. It sounds strange, but with everything closed, we’ve had to roll up our sleeves a few more times and forced ourselves to learn.

Cooking has become a vital part of our routine – we can’t just sack off cooking to run to a resturant nearby anymore! The convinence not being there anymore has been benficial for our bank account but also for our ability to adult. 😂

We even started baking, and made some chocolate protein cookies. Never done before!

I'm finally make use of all that protein powder...
I’m finally make use of all that protein powder…

3) Rediscovery of old hobbies

Because of all this spare time on our hands, I’ve started to rediscover old hobbies that I hadn’t done in a while. Video editing and speaking to a camera being one of them! I used to be a video “content creator” back at University, but once I got into working full-time, I just didn’t find enjoyment in it anymore. It’s been so nice to reconnect with old passions.

I ended up creating “A Day in My Life” video which was just so much fun to make. Planning shots and narration then mashing it all up together to tell a story – I loved it! I’ll definitley be doing more of them 😊

April in Photos

April in Photos this month: lots of walking when we can, decluttering and baking!
April in Photos this month: lots of walking when we can, decluttering and baking!

April Favourites

  • 🎬 We’ve been enjoying watching the Simpsons this month. Disney+ has also just come in great timing! We also watched the Greatest Showman and Aladdin for the first time – both incredible musicals.
  • 📕 I’ve been reading “Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It: No Schedules, No Meetings, No Joke–the Big Idea That’s Already Transforming the Way We Work.” by Cali Ressler, Jody Thompson. So far, it’s a fantastic read with so many truths that is applicable to our current situation.
  • 🎧 I’ve also been listening to my ebook, “Idiot Brain: What Your Head Is Really Up To” by Dean Burnett which has been fun to keep the scientific knowledge I still have in my brain entertained.
  • 💪🏼 Some of my sports bras have become a little too uncomfortable for me now, so I’ve invested in some new ones! I’ve got some orders still to arrive from DoYouEven and NVGTN. But my Ryderwear order from Australia arrived! I was disappointed by some of the pieces, but fully fell in love with one of the sports bras. It’s a slight Pawlean purple tint with sparkles all over it 😻 Talk about earning your sparklez alright. 😂

Quote of the month

Next month

  • We were supposed to go to Greece next month, but with everything going on, I don’t think that it’s going to happen! It is very unlikely that we’ll be going. 😔
  • I’m hoping for better news. 🙏 But I’m just going to keep taking each day as they come.

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