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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’d know how much I love helping others with their career goals — especially those wanting to get into tech not coming from a “traditional” background. I also just love everything and anything personal development related, so I’m super excited for this week’s blog post! 🎉

I’ve partnered up with Laurence Bradford at Learn to Code With Me to bring to you the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox. As you probably already know, technical skills are extremely lucrative and in-demand.

In the past year alone, there were 4.6 million job openings in tech. And the median salary for a tech occupation is over $84k—90% higher than the median wage nationally.

Anyone, including complete beginners, can take advantage of these skills to improve their lives and careers!

Yep, we’re still levelling up in 2020 👏

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox comes jam-packed with 33 different tech courses and products. This bundle is valued at $4,206… BUT it’s being sold for just $239. You read that correctly, and if I did the maths correctly that is 94% in savings. 😱

If you’re quick enough – for the first 48 hours, you can take advantage of special early bird pricing where you’ll save even more. Rather than paying $239, you’ll get all these products for just $199

The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2020
The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2020

🛠 What is included in the Toolbox?

What is included?
What is included?
  • Access to 33 different products across 27 contributors for 94% off
  • Four of the products in the bundle normally cost the same or MORE than the price of the whole bundle. Meaning if a person wants any of these, they’ll actually SAVE money by getting it via the bundle. Plus they’ll get so many other products essentially for free. 
  • Different topics to dive into including development fundamentals, how to get started as a freelancer, working remotely, cybersecurity, data science and analytics, DevOps, building real-world apps and projects to add to your portfolio, and much more. 
  • Learn a bunch of languages—HTML, Java, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, Bootstrap, Google Apps Script, and more—either now or save them for the next time you want to learn a new skill.
  • Learn non-development skills to prepare you for any tech career, such as job hunting and positioning, freelancing, SEO, AdWords, as well as working and interviewing remotely
  • You can literally learn 24 different skills via the courses inside the bundle—you can pick and choose what to learn based on your interests and career goals.

In other words, there’s a bit of everything for everyone no matter your skill level!

Tech Course Creators
Tech Course Creators

You can view the full detailed list of what you will get here. If you choose to purchase today, don’t forget to use my code (58750_adiwlcka) or use this link. I’d really appreciate it! 🎉

P.S. The Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love this bundle, you can get 100% of your money back.

Let’s get those personal and professional gainz! 😜💪🏼

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  1. Huh sounds pretty cool for those wanting to up their game or start out! Not something I’d get personally, but still cool.

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