Moving: Third Edition

Matt and I recently moved to a new apartment. This would be our third one together over the time we decided to move to Leeds from Sheffield back in 2018.

Pauline exploring Leeds during lockdown
Exploring Leeds during lockdown

I actually loved our old apartment for its large windows, wooden floors and characteristic charm (as it was an old building that had been converted to apartments.)

When we moved in, I had said that I could see us living there for a while — maybe even as long as we decided to stay in the city.

When we first moved in
When we first moved in

Over the next 12 months, my opinions changed as we realised how despite it’s old charm, it was not very energy efficient. In the winter months, we’d find ourselves wearing half our wardrobe to stay warm and the heating didn’t seem to do anything but charge us ridiculous amounts of money. 😨

As COVID-19 hit, I pretty much thought that we would stay in the apartment until the coronavirus crisis passed.

It didn’t seem like such a wise move to move.

But as we spent more time at home, we realised that we just couldn’t stick around there any longer. Even as the weather was improving, it was still freezing cold inside the apartment. Most of the time it felt like we were outside 😂


The charm faded quickly, which kicked us to look elsewhere. Up until this point, we had always chosen apartments in a very “emotional” way. It was always an irrational, a snap decision that wasn’t very well-thought out. After learning from our mistakes over the past two apartments, we wanted to get it right this time! So what did we do?

We created a spreadsheet.

Our "FlatMatrix" spreadsheet to help with the decision-making
Our “FlatMatrix” spreadsheet to help with the decision-making

Ah yes, where all good things begin. 🤪 We looked at everything that was available in the market and created different areas that we really cared about. For example, Internet (it had to be fast!), Environment (it had to be quiet), Furnishings (it had to be furnished and relatively new/modern — we were so over with old buildings), Proximity to shops (we were a little more flexible with this. Walks are good!)

This time we went all Amy Santiago and any other Type A personalities. It had to be done!

Amy Santiago and her binder
If you know, you know.

Eventually, this led to our new apartment. 🏡 Although we’ve only been here for a few weeks, it’s 100x better than where we were before. Turns out, informed, rational decisions are the way forward!

As the world changes, my prediction that remote working may be it for the long term is looking more likely so having a reliable internet connection, a warm, well-lit space that promotes productivity and inspiration at home is more important than ever.

A series of different plants in their new homes
The plants just survived the move

I’m grateful that I have all of that and more right now. 🙏🏻

Although I miss seeing my family every weekend and I miss Sheffield so much, I’m so happy to know that here in Leeds, there’s a place I can call home. This is a huge achievement for someone who used to suffer from severe homesickness.

Shoutout to Matt for letting me his room mate for another year. Out of all the decisions that you could make, that isn’t an easy one. 🤣

Stay safe everyone!

6 responses to “Moving: Third Edition”

  1. I’ve loved seeing you decorate your home space on social media! I’m often jealous of your commitment there LOL.

    Honestly, I think some people just automatically assume that moving during a pandemic is difficult, and strange, but moving is already a big process so a pandemic doesn’t seem to add a lot to the situation. Glad you moved safely!

    I honestly never put that much thought into working from home when we got our current apartment, but that was also almost 3 years ago. Back then, what mattered to me was just having a comfortable working space. Now, having to work from home all the time makes me realise what I consider important in a space that I would have to work from. Stuff like natural light, and what you said about an environment that promotes productivity, is what I consider really important now.

    I think more modern buildings have better insulation than old ones like your old apartment. It would explain why it felt so cold LOL. Our apartment was built in 2014 or so, and feels warm because of the sun and the fact that it’s new, but my parents’ house was always so damn cold in the winter and it was an old house from at least the 70s. 😂

    1. Thanks so much, Georgie 🥰 I might write a post about the different places I’ve decorated in our new apartment, I just find it so much fun.

      I think that’s why I just love plants so much, I know I loved plants before the pandemic started but now more than ever, I’ve really enjoyed having them around. They help a lot with productivity and mental health. 🥰

      We’ve learned for sure – never again with old apartments! 😂

  2. Glad you found a better place. Sounds awful that it was that cold all the time. Hope you continue to like it!

    1. It wasn’t great being cold all the time! To be honest, I’m quite surprised that so many of my plants survived knowing how cold it was indoors. 😂

  3. Hey Pauline,

    I had followed most of your moving stories on Instagram, and they were so good. Moving never easy and I’m sure it would have been harder in teh COVID-19 scenario!

    I moved In February to another building in the same housing society we were living previously in. Though it was just the building next to my old house, it was so much pain to pack and unpack! WFH also started in March so I never really had a chance to set a proper work place and stuff! I look up to you for some tips!

    1. Hey Bhairavee!

      That’s awesome, thanks for following along 🥰 Yeah, moving during COVID-19 was stressful – I was much more mindful of surfaces I was touching throughout the move. Good luck with fully unpacking and making your new place a home! Keep me updated.

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