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Happy April, friends! 🌸

To kick off this month, I’m very excited to share a recent collaboration with a few of my favourite Twitter/blogging friends on my podcast. I’ve been keen to get more voices on my podcast as folks continue to tune in! After all, a diversity of voices is always a great thing. 😊 The episodes that I recorded with Clark and Matt were my favourite to record and edit, and this was no different!

I also wanted to try something a bit different and record our video chat as we were discussing onboarding. Although I did forget to record at the start (therefore a few minutes at the start including introductions isn’t on the video 😆) but luckily, I got everything onto the podcast which is the main thing really.

The topic: Remote Onboarding

A week into my new role in January, although I was welcomed with open arms I still found several things that I struggled with as I continued to onboard remotely. I sent out a tweet asking for advice from the knowledgeable Twitter folks (I love the network I have on Twitter, they’re the best!)

The tweet that kicked it off

Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah amongst others reached out with some fantastic blog posts and advice. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through their posts and applying their tips to my own reality of starting a new job remotely.

Today, I’m about 2 months into my new role now and still learning about the business, my role and the various new and exciting technologies. Speaking to Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah made me feel less alone as I continue to navigate through onboarding in this new normal. I hope that you get that out of this collaboration too whether you just started a new job or are starting one soon, this episode is full of insightful advice.

Prefer to listen? Check out the podcast

The episode is also available to listen to on my podcast page, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Want to watch us discuss?

Check out our conversation

I for one enjoyed being on camera to virtually meet Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah so putting this together was a lot of fun for me too. If you’d rather watch us chat through our experiences of remote onboarding, the video is the place to be!

Supporting Content

…that you should really check out!

Rebekah (@rkulidzan)

Elle (@_elletownsend)

Sonnie (@sonniehiles)

If you have any blog posts or advice that you’d like to share with those that have just started a new role themselves, feel free to drop them in the comments below! And of course, best of luck with your new role ✨

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