May, For Me

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A photo of Sheffield on a beautiful day
Beautiful views in Sheffield

Main Highlights


Career / Learning

  • 👀 Ahh, so many things! More information coming soon.


  • Ladies in DevOps is thriving! I’ve been a part of several community building discussions on Twitter Spaces and elsewhere, which has been a lot of fun to be a part of.
  • 💕 I became part of the Code First Girls Brand Ambassador programme! You may see more of me around on CFG channels, hosting and doing my thing for this wonderful community. 😊
  • 🎤 I spoke at ‘Programmed in Pencil’ and talked about the story of Ladies in DevOps and what I learned from the community. You can watch it on their YouTube channel:


  • ❤️ My grandma passed at the end of the month, we’re absolutely devasted as we couldn’t say goodbye to her properly due to COVID. Grieving has been tough for my family and me, but we’re also so grateful for her long and happy life. Rest easy, Grandma G. Mahal namin kita 🕊
  • 🏃🏻‍♀️ Going in strong with 2 months of running!
  • 💪🏼 Still enjoying my home workouts
  • 🌿 Stayed in Sheffield longer which I’ve enjoyed a lot
  • 👗 Decided to stop wearing sweatpants and take back control in wearing real clothes 😂
  • 💅🏼 After years of not painting my nails, I got back to it and painted my nails purple. 😆
  • 💜 Upgraded my iPhone XS Max to an iPhone 12 in ✨ purple ✨
  • ☔️ Weather hasn’t been great this month, but looking forward to a nicer summer
  • 💉 My sister and dad got fully vaccinated! 🥳
  • 💇🏻‍♀️ Finally visited my hairdressers and treated myself to a spa day!

Things that made me happy

Community support

Something that has made me feel happy this month has had to be all the community incentives that I’ve gotten involved with. I stepped away from getting too involved with various communities over the past two years as I navigated my career.

But now getting back involved with the community has reminded me of why I love it so much. 🥰 I’ve not felt so happy, content and fulfilled in a long time. Grateful to everyone that has been cheering me on and supporting me in the communities that I’m a part of.

Remembering Grandma G

I’m also extremely grateful for everything my Grandma has given for our family.

Life was tough living in the Philippines as a widowed mother with 9 children. Because of her support to her family, my mum was able to change her life, live abroad and create a better life for all of us. I think that we all did her proud.

COVID made saying goodbye much more difficult, but I know that she’ll always, always, always be with us. We all look back fondly at some beautiful memories of her long, happy life. Growing up, she took care of my sister and me when my mum was away creating a better life for us all. I’ll forever remember her as a resilient, kind woman with the biggest heart. We’re going to miss her dearly. ❤️

My Grandma
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May in Photos

A look at May, for Me
May, for me: still running, dressing for work, purple everything. 💜

May Favourites

  • 📺 I started Superstore on Netflix and it’s growing to become another favourite show of mine. For some reason, I discovered that I really enjoy shows created by people from the Office/Brooklyn 99/The Good Place space. 😂
  • 🎙 I’ve been a regular listener of the Feel Better Live More podcast for a couple of years now, but I had to call out this episode in particular. Very thought-provoking! #179 Why Emotions Matter More Than You Think with Professor Marc Brackett – Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee | Podcast on Spotify
  • 🍎 I mentioned that I upgraded my iPhone, but I also ended up upgrading my MacBook 2014 to the M1 MacBook Air. And treated myself to the AirPods Max because my Sonys were faulty and an AirTag for my keys. I’m thrilled about my new upgrades (seems like a long time coming for some of them) but also, I need to be banned from the Apple Store.
  • 📚 I read “The Business Value of Developer Relations” by Mary Thengvall and “Get Together: how to build a community with your people” by Bailey Richardson – both great books about DevRel, community and everything in between.

Quote of the Month

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