July, For Me

A sunny day in Leeds
A sunny day in Leeds

Main Highlights


Career / Learning

  • 🎉 I officially joined Gitpod as a Senior Community Engineer! This has been something that I’ve kept quiet about for a few months, so it was great to finally talk openly about it and to onboard officially as a Gitpodder. So far, I’m enjoying every minute of it, learning lots and can’t wait to see how Gitpod grows over time.
  • 💻 I also set up my PolyWork profile!


  • ☀️ The UK finally had summer weather this month which helped keep my spirits high at least. Although there were geniunely times where I thought that I was going to melt from the heat!
  • 💇🏻‍♀️ I cut my hair wrong, cried about it then got the hairdressers to fix it 😂 Not my finest hour!
  • 🎂 Celebrated my younger brother, Clark’s birthday (they grow up so fast)
  • ⚽️ I briefly really got into football for the EUROs, it did not come home
  • 🌻 I tried growing sunflowers this year, and I managed to get quite far in the growth process. Unfortunately, the direct sun looks like it has burned my sunflowers. 🥲 I’m still holding out for a recovery, but we’ll see!
  • 💬 I’ve continued on with my therapy which I have found to be very beneficial 😊
  • 💪🏼 I switched things up a bit this month and for the first two weeks of July, I solely did Apple Fitness+ workouts. It was nice following an instructor through a workout for a change!
  • 🏃🏻‍♀️ My weekly runs continue… It’s weird writing that because I never thought I’d keep this habit up, but here we are!
  • 👁 I had my first LASIK consultation – no more glasses journey continues…

Things that made me happy

Tweet about my experience
Original tweet

I’ve been quite open about my experiences at work since starting my first ever tech job. This is no exception! When I say that Gitpod has given me a wonderful onboarding experience and probably the best that I’ve ever had in my career so far, I’m not joking. Gitpod already has made me feel more at home in a week than I’ve felt in my years or months elsewhere. I guess that’s when you know you’re in the right place!

Thank you to my fellow Gitpodders for making this easily the best decision I’ve ever made. Also, Geoff for the :pawlean: emoji that is all over our Slack now. 😂

Emoji gift from my team
Original tweet

July in Photos

July for Pauline: lots of walks, runs and being outside
What July looked like for me 🙏🏼

July Favourites

  • 🍚 Lions Prep and Hello Fresh has been a favourite delivery food service for us recently!
  • 📺 Never Have I Ever Season 2, Loki
  • 🎬 Black Widow, ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye‘ 🇵🇭
  • 📚 One Minute Manager
  • 🧊 WooZoo by Ohyama fan is the best fan out there. Hands down. 😂 Saved me so many times on hot days this month!
  • 🏋🏻‍♀️ I got two new sports bras (do you remember the “no new sports stuff” rule in January? No? Me neither…) They’re both from Nike because I loved seeing them on Apple Fitness Plus trainers 😂 I could talk about sports bras for days, but I will leave it at: I forgot how reliable, strong and high quality sports bras are from Nike!

Quote of the Month

You can always count on Matt Haig

Next month, my intentions are to…

  • 🌿 Take better care of myself by setting better work/life boundaries. Some of you may know that I’m a workaholic (I hate saying it, but it’s true 😬) and I find it difficult to switch off especially when I’m really into what I’m doing and love what I do. I’m very much there right now at work, so I’m going to make sure that I proritise my health!
  • 🍋 Enjoy as much of the summer left as possible – go outside more! More offline adventures! As usual, the summer months just fly past and then we’re back to my least favourite time of year: the darker months.

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