February, For Me

As I’m writing this, there is an ongoing war in Europe between Ukraine and Russia.

It’s been a difficult past couple of days seeing it all unfold. I’m a little more sensitive than usual but trying to find space for my mental health as well as keep informed at the same time. I’m just praying that this conflict is resolved quickly and that no further war happens in Europe, please. 🇺🇦

If you’d like to learn more about the ways you can help, check out this list. My prayers go to everyone in Ukraine 💙💛

Main Highlights 🚀


Career, Learning & Community

  • ✨ One of my favourite livestreams that I’ve done recently has to be the one with Francesco. We talked about Gitpod – why, how, what etc. If you’re curious, check it out 👇
  • 🎙 You can find out more Gitpod-related work updates on my Polywork timeline here.


  • 🌧 In the UK, we experienced some extreme weather. It’s safe to say I didn’t leave the house that week. 😅
  • 🧘🏻‍♀️ My meditation streak with Calm continues, I’m now 80 days. I’ve noticed that it’s become a habit that I just naturally do these days. Once I wake up, it’s the first thing on my mind to do. I’ve also got a nice little set-up (that includes light therapy) to make it as easy for me as possible to sit and breathe. 😊 Recently, I’ve upped my session time from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • 🌹 Our month of celebrations: Matt and I celebrated 5 years together 🥰, his birthday 🎂 and Valentines Day 💖
  • ☕️ I’ve continued going to co-working spaces to have a change of scenery from my day-to-day
  • 🌎 We’ve started to organise our trips this year which I’m very much looking forward to.
  • 📚 I started reading, “Radical Candor: How to a Great Boss without losing your humanity.” by Kim Scott to learn how to be a better leader. It’s been a refreshing read so far!
  • ♟ Matt and I got hooked to “The Queen’s Gambit (2020)” What a great show.
  • 👾 I started playing Kingdom Hearts 3 to relive parts of my childhood

Things that made me happy 🙏🏼

It has been so easy to slip into doom-scrolling more than ever since 2020. I found myself doing it more than ever in the past few days.

Although it’s good to stay informed, I was bordering on obsession which clearly caused nothing but intense emotions. That mixed in with my private battle with depression and anxiety over the past few months, it just hasn’t been a very welcoming place in my head. 😞

Yesterday (27th of February), Matt and I decided to drop our phones and just start walking. We ended up walking for over an hour and spent most of the day away from home. We spent more time focusing on how it feels like Spring and how grateful we are for the better days ahead with our big move to our house and travelling soon… It was a welcome change from being glued to our phones! 🙏🏼

Kirkstall Abbey
Kirkstall Abbey

Although I’m not feeling great on the last day of this month, after not sleeping well and being hit with a late, painful period… I’m happy that even for a moment in the chaos I was able to enjoy at least a few hours of calm and gratitude.

I want to cultivate more of that in my life, so here’s my constant reminder. 🌸

February In Photos 🖼

Just sat on a park bench eating banana chips
Just sat on a park bench eating banana chips

Quote of the Month 💬

“Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.”

– Corrie Ten Boom

I hope that you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves. Sending you all lots of love 💜

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