February, For Me

February followed January with the same structure and focus. When I looked back at the photos I took and events I had on my calendar, I realised I mostly worked, went to Greek class and exercised.

It’s funny, my days recently reminded me of the old “grind” I used to do in my previous life, except I’m a lot less cold. ☀️

These days my life may feel a lot less exciting, especially after the always-on-the-move lifestyle I started around this time two years ago, but I’m super thankful for the stability for now.

Trips around Greece

I still managed to get some quick weekend trips around Greece in February.

Athens is a fun city, but sometimes I desperately need to be away from the constant noise (which may also explain why I’ve been going to green spaces in Athens more often these days!)

The first trip I took was to Nafplio, a small coastal city located in the Peloponnese. It was a relaxing weekend where we mostly hiked, including one up Palamidi castle, which was 999 steps! All the cardio I’ve been doing helped 😆

This was the view at the top:

My friend bought me my new favourite scarf from a local store, which I needed to stay warm at the top–it was windy!

Another weekend, I went to Chalcis. It’s an island that the Euripus Bridge connects. You can see the bridge in the distance in the photo below, taken from the top of Karababa Castle.

Yeah, I visited castles a lot in February.

This is a funny photo of me because of how short I look next to the street lamp, and how I’m wearing the same colours as the palm tree on the right side. 😆

Running virtual events

At work, I supported a webinar on Kubernetes development experience which I enjoyed a lot! I haven’t done many live streams or video content in a while, as I’ve been focusing mostly on written content so this was fun to be a part of.

I also love jumping at any opportunity to show off my set-up which includes my iPhone 13 Pro as a webcam and new lights in the background for extra depth and effect.

I’m such a nerd about these things, and I know AI enthusiasts will tell me to “prompt engineer” my videos, but I will forever enjoy the process of sitting in front of my camera and just talking. 😃

What I want to work on

Overall, I had a good month! But there were moments I felt quite stressed to the point I reverted to “not so great” habits that kept me stuck in a loop, and overall made me feel bad.

I want to do a better job of setting boundaries on the things that stress me out and spending more time doing the things that make me say, “wow, that made my day! I’m glad that I did that.” Maybe that is touching grass more often–I’ve been getting this as feedback recently, light-heartedly laughing about it… for now. 🤣

Quote of the Month

Cheers to a new month!

I’m looking forward to heading to Paris for Cloud Native Rejekts and Platform Engineering Day later this month, if you’re in the cloud native ecosystem and attending, let me know. 😃

I’ll also be heading home-home (the UK) for a factory reset before my next trip. I’m looking forward to it 🌎

Have a good March, readers!

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  1. It can be so easy to just slump back into old habits, but it looks like you’re still doing well! Keep it up!

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