Career Development

I've been working on my career development since starting my studies at University in 2014. I've learnt quite a lot in the world of work. Subsequently from all the part-time jobs, voluntary work, work experience and internships in various industries. These are a series of blog posts detailing my learnings! You can find My Placement Year specific posts here and BT Graduate Scheme specific posts here. For more information about my career development history, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.
πŸ“… July 20th 2021 //

What I learned from working remotely

No more office life! I’ve recently gone fully remote. Today I’m sharing some of my lessons from remote working life. 🌎

πŸ“… July 2nd 2021 //

As of today, I’m building communities full-time.

πŸŽ‰ Some BIG news! I’ll be joining Gitpod as a Senior Community Engineer to pioneer and lead community engagement and development.

πŸ“… June 15th 2021 //

How to make the most out of your internships

Are you an intern or graduate? I’ve held that title a couple of times over the years. This post is all about how you can maximise your time on internships/graduate schemes to help kickstart your career.

πŸ“… April 2nd 2021 //

πŸŽ™ How to survive remote onboarding

Remote onboarding is part of the new normal. I spoke to some Twitter friends – Sonnie, Elle and Rebekah – on their experiences of starting a new job in this remote world!

πŸ“… March 8th 2021 //

Be inspired by yourself

Happy International Women’s Day! Today I encourage you to take the time to be inspired by yourself β€” you’ve come far and you probably don’t even know it. Celebrate you 🌸

πŸ“… December 17th 2020 //

Leaving my first tech job

Challenging myself is part of who I am, so I decided to take a leap. Here are some of my thoughts and reflections after leaving my first job in tech!

πŸ“… June 22nd 2020 //


Yep, we’re still levelling up in 2020! 😎 Whether you want to get a job in tech, start freelancing or learn new skills, the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox has everything you need to get going.

πŸ“… April 17th 2020 //

Our home office set-up

As we’re all working remotely now, we decided to invest in making a small home office work in our tiny flat. 🏑

πŸ“… March 6th 2020 //

18 Months In

I officially hit my 18 months working at BT as part of their graduate training programme πŸ₯³ Here’s a quick reflection on what I’ve been up to!

πŸ“… January 10th 2020 //

My Gratitude CV

What a better way to start 2020 than with a CV refresh AND a gratitude CV? ✨ Here’s mine!

πŸ“… September 6th 2019 //

12 months in

I officially hit my 12 months working at BT as part of their graduate training programme πŸ₯³ Here’s a quick reflection on what I’ve been up to!

πŸ“… July 26th 2019 //

Life After University – now what?

Entering the “real world” can be scary, here’s a collaborative action plan on what you can do to get started on building the next steps!

πŸ“… April 6th 2019 //

My take on job hunting

It’s the season for job hunting! Today I’m sharing my thoughts, experience and advice on preparing for the next stage after university. πŸ“

πŸ“… March 18th 2019 //

How can more women break into tech?

The tech industry is growing – but where are all the women? This is a collab post with Pathrise – a career accelerator that help folks land dream job in tech.

πŸ“… March 12th 2019 //

6 months in

I officially hit my 6 months working at BT as part of their graduate training programme πŸ₯³Here’s a quick reflection on what I’ve been up to!

πŸ“… October 13th 2018 //

Decoding my Strengths

The first step to Personal Development is understanding where you are right now, I use Myers Briggs Test and the Strengths Profile with this! Here are my findings. πŸ’­

πŸ“… September 15th 2018 //

A New Chapter

Hitting the pause button to reflect on the last 2 weeks of my induction for my new role at BT / EE.

πŸ“… December 4th 2017 //

On Public Speaking πŸ“ #2

In November, I delivered a solo talk on the story of, to help inspire people to “work out loud.” 🎀

πŸ“… September 9th 2017 //


This summer has been a fun one full of exploration and adapting to different environments! Today I will be talking about my placement working at Appt. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

πŸ“… August 11th 2017 //

A reflection of my placement year

Today I officially finish my placement at the University of Sheffield. Extremely grateful for the experience; I’ve learned incredibly valuable things. I’m excited to see what’s next! πŸ’Ό

πŸ“… May 31st 2017 //

May, For Me

It’s June tomorrow – which means we’re almost halfway through the year, how crazy is that? May has been a pretty busy month, but one of the most exciting so far!

πŸ“… October 16th 2016 //

Checkpoint #2:
Presentations & Projects

As always, my week as an intern at the University has flown by! I’ve been especially busy last week mainly because of various networking events I was invited to, lecture briefings I had to assist with delivering and initiating action on projects I’m leading. I’m still in disbelief that I’ve been on placement for 8 weeks […]

πŸ“… August 29th 2016 //

a long weekend

For the first time in two years, I managed to have a bank holiday weekend off, which means no work, no deadlines, no nothing and let me tell you, it’s so refreshing! A lot has happened over the past 3 days but I’m going to highlight the 3 main things; I tried to utilize as […]

πŸ“… August 19th 2016 //

Checkpoint #1: START

So August has started off very exciting and very busy – just how I like it! There have been a number of big changes in my life since I last blogged ranging from personal changes to more exciting and positive opportunities – today I’ll be sharing an adventure I have just begun: starting my placement and becoming an […]

πŸ“… July 12th 2016 //

Life Updated: Almost There

I just keep my head down, run hard and am always surprised when I look up and see where I am. – Grant In my (only) post back in January, I outlined some of the goals I wanted to achieve for the year. I used the new year to push myself to tick off as many goals as I could. […]

πŸ“… May 21st 2016 //

I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, it has just been over a month since my last one but, I have an excuse which all student bloggers will all feel me on: it’s exam session. How am I? Still alive but I’m barely breathing. I finish my second year of university 4 weeks – a part […]

πŸ“… April 4th 2016 //

My time as a Creative Diva

If you follow me on my social media profiles, you probably know that over the past week, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with the leading creative marketing business – Diva Creative. Known for the innovative creations that help drive social change, they thrive to make a difference to lives and communities in the most […]

πŸ“… December 24th 2015 //

Using the force to obtain the Christmas spirit

Happy holidays fellow bloggers! I hope you all enjoy time with loved ones whilst eating lots of yummy Christmas food! I have to say, despite dressing up all festive for work, listening to the same Christmas playlist on repeat and having to post christmasy instagram shots – I have never felt less festive in my […]

πŸ“… November 29th 2015 //

Water Under The Bridge

As I’ve said on my previous post back in October, there is a Christmas market every year in the city centre in my town. There was also a Christmas light switch on event (where everyone gathers to see some well-known person switch the lights on) which I usually watch every year but I didn’t get to […]

πŸ“… September 15th 2015 //

First Retail XP