Be Bold For Change 🌺

March 11th 2017

Reflecting on the events of March 8th – International Women’s Day!

Embracing Global Diversity 🌎

March 5th 2017

Last night, I attended the International Cultural Evening, it was pretty cool. The International Cultural Evening (ICE) is an annually organized show which features multicultural performances. I enjoyed the competitive edge to the show – the energy the different societies  (representing different cultures) was amazing and contagious too. I naturally have a lot of energy […]

February, For Me

February 27th 2017

The end of the month is always a great opportunity for reflection. February has especially been a great month for reflecting – it’s been so exciting packed with lots of key events that brought amazing new experiences! With some changes in my life right now, I’ve also had the opportunity to find more about myself and found […]

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