I’ve not failed.
I’ve just found ways that won’t work.

May 21st 2016 Goals, Holidays, Personal, Travel 13 Comments

Hi guys!

Apologises for the lack of posts recently, it has just been over a month since my last one but, I have an excuse which all student bloggers will all feel me on: it’s exam session. How am I? Still alive but I’m barely breathing. 

I finish my second year of university 4 weeks – a part of me hopes that time will fly past but the other part makes me want it to go as slow as possible so I have time to study more minus the academic breakdowns.

So a lot has happened since my last post, if you’ve been keeping up with me on my other social media accounts, you’ll probably know about all this already but in summary:

Crossing old bridges

Over Easter, I re-connected with one of my closest friends from secondary school, we went on a little trip to Birmingham, ate Japanese food and took cute selfies. The following day after this, I got to meet up with my old group of friends also from school and caught up over Asian food yet again. It was a lovely catch up – everyone was still the same but so many things changed about them too!

From underground to uptown
-60m to 200m

April 18th 2016 Holidays, Photo log 26 Comments

My second day in London involved eating the best sushi I’ve ever had, admiring London even more from a skyscraper and covering the final places I had on my list. You can read about my first day in London here.

A morning in Archway

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 20.51.19

I was actually pretty anxious that morning, because I was expecting a important phone call but I was really lucky to have such an amazing, filling breakfast that got me going for the rest of the day… well before the big planned lunch which was where my whole day was planned around.

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