September 2015

Eight Photos of Happiness

September 23rd 2015

I have to say, it was quite difficult to find 8 photos of happiness specifically because I have SO many photos I’ve been collecting over the years all with absolutely lovely memories attached to them. I’ve enjoyed looking for photos of this blog post and finding some videos too, I’d like to share those with […]

My go-to products

September 19th 2015

I’m not one who usually sleeps in during the mornings, I usually wake up and get up bright and early (or gloomy and cold if you’re in England!) before anyone else in my family. I’ve been described as a morning person because of how I always am every morning: cheery and overly-energetic (regardless of the […]

First Retail XP

September 15th 2015

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working part-time in retail for over a year now. This Saturday, I’ll be leaving my first (retail) job. Today I’ll be sharing some stories and overall experience working there. Let’s go back to day one. Well, obviously being the really overly-excited person that I am, I go in with as […]