October, For Me


October was the month where I saw a lot of progress in my fitness journey, became busier at work and connected with some great people professionally and outside of work. It’s also gotten colder, as many of you have probably seen from my many tweets about the weather – I can’t help it; it won’t be very British of me not to comment on it!

Main Highlights

  • Fitness: Like I said above and in my previous blog post, I’ve really seen a lot of progress in my fitness levels and physical appearance. Once I become braver, I’ll post a Transformation Tuesday photo somewhere here! Watch this space!
  • Nutrition: I’ve managed to control my diet well enough to start seeing some abs – I’ve never had abs in my whole life! Although I still have a lot to learn about nutrition and macros, my “clean eating habits” have made a positive impact in my life – I always feel so energetic! And hey, I don’t restrict myself to a cupcake a day like some people do.
  • My placement is going well, I’ve made great contacts and feel part of the team. I’m involved in exciting projects this year which I’m very thankful of!
  • New web development opportunity!

I’m happy because…

  • I’m getting better at my work/life balance! The last two years of studies and work has always been such a challenge but this year, I’m better at organising myself and prioritising my work and health when I need to.
  • People are great. I’ve met so many inspiring people over the last month, I’m thankful for the strong existing friendships I have as well as new friendships I’ve created with the most interesting people!
  • I am now volunteering for Science Brainwaves, where I help out with maintaining and editing their website. Although, it’s a small project I’m so happy to invest some time in for such a great organisation whilst sharpening my skills in web development.
  • Many of you also know that I have associated with Code First: Girls, I met the new cohort of participants this month and they were all so excited about tech – just like me! It also makes me happy to know that most of the recruits were inspired after reading my blog post and seeing my promotions on Facebook.
I’m in the middle in red!

Next month I will…

  • Stay motivated with my fitness programme – it’s been getting harder with colder mornings but I’ve been fighting it well!
  • Blog once a week – I did this every week last month apart from the last week when workload increased.
  • Start getting festive

Monthly favourites

  • Books:
    • Fitness Blender’s Nutrition Book – I highly recommend this if you want to understand food a lot more!
    • Girl on the train – started it and around the half way point already, but I LOVE it. If you’ve read it before, let me know your opinions – I’ve heard mixed views.
  • Beauty:
    • Nothing new!
  • Music:

Quote of the Month

You need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life. You are not in competition with anyone else; plan to outdo your past, not other people.

7 responses to “October, For Me”

  1. it’s so cool that you’re associated to code first: girls! i will forever applaud female developers; i think you guys are awesome! i wish i can code as much as you guys (i don’t consider myself as one because even though i know html and css, i’m not a smart coder or anything)

    glad to know your fitness routine is working out (heh, is this a pun? *winkwink*)

  2. Glad you’re still sticking to your workouts! I wish I had your determination – I’ve failed my diet so many times and barely exercised at all this past month! You’re definitely my inspiration to get back into it again.

    It’s great that your professional life is going well as well! You seem to be involved with so many projects. How do you have the time for all of this? You’re definitely putting all of us to shame with your work ethic!

    I want to read The Girl on the Train as well, but there’s so much on my to read list right now. Trying to put aside more time for reading, as I don;t do it nearly as much as I used to.

    Glad to hear you had a great October!

  3. Every time I read your blog, you’re always sharing the improvements you’ve made on yourself. I’m proud of you! You’ve overcome obstacles like a boss and come out as a better person :). It’s awesome that you’re seeing a lot of positive results coming out of exercising and eating healthy. (Darn, I need to up my exercising game XD).

    YES! Work-life balance is important to have. When you find the right people to form friendships with, you’ll have a great time. It’s neat to be in a program that encourages girls to go into tech :). Good luck with your goals for the month! Blogging once a week is a good one :). This is a must in my routine XD.

  4. Having a great work/life balance is wonderful. I love how positive this post is. I’m happy for you. xx

  5. It’s great that you do these monthly reflections. I’d like to start doing them too, since November just started. You have that inspiring aspect to your blog entries.

    So proud of you for keeping up your fitness plans and staying healthy 🙂 It takes a lot to persevere. But I take it you like setting goals and achieving them, that it makes you happy to do so, and that keeps you going sometimes.

    Happy that you are enjoying your job. ^_^ It’s great you’re making friends with your coworkers, and getting involved in your community with web development. You go girl!

  6. While October wasn’t the best for me for various reasons, I wanna make the rest of the year better. Glad you had a lot of motivation and that a lot of good happened to you!

  7. I’m glad October has been great for you in terms of fitness and your placement! I think it’d be awesome and inspiring to see a Transformation Tuesday photo 🙂

    Aahh, I love that Code First: Girls photo. It makes me happy to see so many women interested in tech! We need more of us in this industry! That’s also great that you’re volunteering and helping Science Brainwaves with their website. You have so much going on!

    I hope November will be good month for you too!

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