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📅 February 12th 2021 //

50inTech: 50% of Women in Tech by 2050

Connect, get hired, get inspired and have fun! Learn more and get involved with the 50inTech community.

📅 September 3rd 2020 //

#Build – A The Girl Code Initiative

👩🏻‍💻 A guest blog post by the lovely folks at The Girl Code about #Build. TGC is a non-profit organisation that aims to bridge the gender gap in technology.

📅 June 22nd 2020 //


Yep, we’re still levelling up in 2020! ğŸ˜Ž Whether you want to get a job in tech, start freelancing or learn new skills, the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox has everything you need to get going.

📅 April 3rd 2020 //

Vaultskin – my dream phone case?

I recently upgraded my phone case from a “home-made” phone/wallet to Vaultskin’s ETON ARMOUR wallet case. Here are some of my thoughts!

📅 June 12th 2019 //

Tracking your progress

Sharing the ways I have tracked my progress and my recent discovery of DEXA Scans.

📅 March 18th 2019 //

How can more women break into tech?

The tech industry is growing – but where are all the women? This is a collab post with Pathrise – a career accelerator that help folks land dream job in tech.

📅 September 22nd 2018 //

Live a Rich Life, the Cheap Way!

Collaborating with Earnest; a technology-enabled FinTech lender on ways you can start keeping more money every month! 💰

📅 June 3rd 2018 //


I attended my first ever blogger event over the weekend for the launch of 200 degrees coffee shop in Sheffield. ☕️

📅 February 6th 2018 //

Making sales less of a headache 🧐

Put your hands up if the excess sales and browsing different shops give you a headache? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I feel you.

📅 June 7th 2017 //

Fitness Essentials

A post where I share my Fitness Essentials ✌🏼 Essential = absolutely necessary; extremely important.

📅 February 4th 2016 //

Wardrobe update must-haves

< STYLE > It’s been a very long two months of hardcore revision, exam stress and breakdowns but today finally marks the end of my first semester exams! I went to celebrate with an Asian-style buffet and will reward myself later with sleeping in tomorrow until 9 pm. Ah, the three days of freedom (until semester […]