(I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that Pawlean is owned by me, Pauline. Heh.)

I always find it hard to introduce myself but it’s easier with emojis: 👋🏼🐾💪🏼💃🏻🌠👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🔬🧘🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️📝📸🎤☀🇵🇭🇪🇸🇬🇧

A more socially acceptable answer would be…

Pauline P. Narvas

⚡ Hi, I’m Pauline!

As of right now, I’m a final year student studying my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences with Employment Experience. I did a placement year with The University of Sheffield as their Communications and External Engagement Assistant which explains the snazzy part of my degree title.

I now work as a part-time Web Developer and Enterprise Intern alongside my degree.

For the last 16 years, England has been my home. I have an accent that keeps people guessing (apparently I sound Australian), but I’m of a Filipino-Spanish decent which is why I’m always searching for the sun.

I’m also a twin – the younger one by 15 minutes. I once tried to get my sister to go to a class and cover for me, but as we aren’t identical, it didn’t work out as planned. 🤔 She likes to describe me as over-the-top and dramatic, but I always point out that it helped me get in a movie once.

Back in the day, I used to spend every minute of my spare time gaming but these days not so much. At one point, in a sci-fi MMO, I held onto a #1 spot on the PvE kills leaderboards under the name Cindy.

Yup, that’s Cindy as in Cinderella. I love Disney too much. Have you ever wanted to have a Disney soundtrack playing at key moments in your life? Yeah, I do that a lot. What can I say except… You’re welcommmeeeee. 👸🏻

🔬 Alongside my love for science…

I grew up aligning pixels on the internet.

I taught myself how to develop websites through a lot of trial and error which is how this blog actually started! If you ever meet me in real life, I will at one point tell you that nobody needs a Computer Science degree to learn how to code or become a developer.

Women in tech is a topic close to my  💖. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I can’t or shouldn’t do something because “that’s what boys do” – be it playing video games, coding or taking a science subject.  I proudly do a lot of work with Code First: Girls where I aim to empower young women into STEM and join in the movement of debugging the gender gap! I take the lead in the organisation and assist in teaching of the community coding courses in Sheffield.

I write about STEM diversity and education a lot; you can read them all here.

I always try to push my boundaries. In 2017, I stepped out of my comfort zone a lot. I got involved in hackathons and now organise a medical-focused hackathon, HackMed and have started speaking publicly at events about community building, diversity and online presence.

🤖 I’m the warmest robot you’ll ever meet

I’ve been called a robot for getting up at 5 am daily, and although that would be pretty ace, I don’t run on batteries but on my dedication towards continuous self-development (who doesn’t want to be the better version of themselves?) 

Every morning, I spend 1 hour on myself. I meditate, write, and work out – it’s my therapy! I started my health and well-being journey in August 2016, my fitness routine looks a bit like this, but I like to switch it up when I can. I share my journey and pawsitivity daily on Instagram Stories. ✨

After discovering mindfulness and meditation, I aim to live life as mindfully as possible, always doing things that add value and positivity to my life – chilling at a coffee shop singing Moana’s “Shiny” backwards does add value to my life.

…Well, to me anyway.

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