… I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that Pawlean is owned by me, PaulineHeh.

Pauline P. Narvas
One of my favourite selfies wearing my favourite purple top

🐾💪🏼 Hi, I’m Pauline!

  • People also call me Paw and I’m known as Powerhouse by some (just like mitochondria)
  • For the last 16 years, a small green place in England has been my home but recently, I’ve moved to a bigger city to pursue a new chapter of my life.
  • I have an accent that keeps people guessing (apparently, I sound Australian), but I’m of a Filipino-Spanish descent which explains why I’m always searching for the sun.
  • I have a non-identical twin which resulted in lots of failed attempts at getting her to go to my classes for me. She describes me as dramatic, but I always tell her that it helped me get in a movie once.
  • I love purple. To be specific – #A47DA4.
  • Sometimes people can describe me better.
I wear purple as much as I can

⚡️ I consider myself a Multi-Hyphenate

💫 My dedication towards self-development fuels me every day

  • I apply this to every aspect of my life whether that is health and well-being or my career.
  • Every morning, I spend 1 hour on myself. I meditate, write, and work out – it’s my therapy! I started sharing my journey when I started in 2016, all with a pinch of #pawsitivity daily on my Instagram Stories.
  • I’m also training to be a superhero. 🦸🏻‍♀️
Code First: Girls Northern Conference 2018
A photo of me on a panel during Code First: Girls Northern Conference 2018

🕸 Technology and the digital world are my biggest passions.

  • I built my first website when I was 8 and grew up aligning pixels on the internet which is how Pawlean was born.
  • STEM education, inclusion and diversity is a topic close to my heart, I write a lot about it on my blog. Over the last 2 years, I have proudly worked with Code First: Girls to help debug the gender gap through coding courses and community. Additionally, I’ve organized inclusive hackathons and speak about STEM diversity at tech conferences, meet-ups and events.

💜 Got a minute?