Hi, I’m Pauline!

Folks also call me Paw and some send me emails with my name spelt Pawlean which I find awesome.

I’ve been compared to the big ol’ powerhouse of the cell before because of my constant energy. This energy is mostly gained from the golden hour I dedicate to myself every morning where I take care of my mind, move my body and write.

I haven’t always been like this, but as with every dramatic story, I was hit in the face with a pretty big wake-up call in 2016. Now, I love to training and thinking like a superhero. My world needed saving, so I saved it. 🦸🏻‍♀️

Powerhouse, Paw, Pawlean or even Pauline is good
Powerhouse, Paw, Pawlean or even Pauline is good

For the last 16 years, I’ve lived in a small green place in the North of England called Sheffield. I usually tell folks I meet abroad that I live in London or Manchester to avoid explaining where my magical, alpaca-filled home is. Recently, I moved to a bigger city in my pursuit of independence (I still love you mom.)

Although I call the UK my home, the beautiful country of the Philippines will always be my home-home. This will also explain why 90% of my conversations are about missing the sun.

My accent keeps people guessing; I’ve been told I sound Aussie and even American. But none of those are right, and to be honest, I’m still puzzled on what accent I actually have. 🤪

Another fun fact is that I have a non-identical twin who describes me as overly-dramatic, but I always like to remind her that this trait helped me get into a movie once.

I love purple. To be more specific: #A47DA4. Photos of me in Purple.
I love purple. To be more specific: #A47DA4.

My favourite word: Multi-Hyphenate

During the day, I work in the technology industry, currently on a 2 year graduate training programme.

I’m a believer that anything can be learnt with time and determination. I don’t hold any qualification in Computer Science of any kind and my interest in tech sparked when I was building Pawlean at the age of 8. I pretty much grew up on the internet.

Although I enjoy and love what I do in the tech world, I am more than that. I also dip my feet into creative media, building up communities, getting on stage and voicing out my ideas and stories, powerlifting and writing.

In other words, I’m a multi-hyphenate. A proud, kick-ass, trail-blazing one.

Me speaking at the Inspire Women in Tech Conference in Nottingham
Me speaking at the Inspire Women in Tech Conference in Nottingham

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